Watercolor Dinosaurs for Babe

I did not begin sewing for my son until he was a few months old. Even then, I did not sew regularly until he was about two. This time around, I’m determined to sew up all the adorable baby items I keep seeing in the sewing world.

My latest makes revolve around one fabric and a new love for ribbing. Bow Button Fabrics currently has the cutest dinosaur print: Watercolor Dinosaurs from Tygdrommar. This organic cotton spandex euro fabric is one of my absolute favorite bases! It is SO soft and such a high quality that it is hard to buy prints from anywhere else.

When I first saw these dinosaurs, I knew babe needed an item or two, as well as big bro. I settled on pairing it with the Cerulean Blue jersey and ribbing for a beautiful gender neutral pairing. Ribbing has become a new favorite of mine for bands and bindings. It gives such a professional look and is more forgiving than making bands out of regular cotton spandex fabric.

The first item I sewed up was one of my go to baby patterns, the Parachute Pants by Max & Meena. This pattern is great for showing off gorgeous fabric since there isn’t a front or back seam. They are a great sew for beginners also-this pattern might have been the very first clothing item I made for my four year old!

The pattern is finished with leg cuffs and a knit waistband and no need for any hemming. The pattern includes pockets, but for babies I always skip them. I sewed up the 3-6m. I used the Cerulean Blue Jersey for the cuffs and waistband on this item.

Next up, I made big bro’s tee. I just got a projector from my partner for my birthday and was itching to dive in. I went searching for a raglan pattern with a projector file and came across the Lowland Kids Raglan Sweater. Even though this pattern is meant for knits like French Terry, I knew it would work in a cotton spandex jersey also. The pattern includes a short sleeve option, so I used that cut line for the sleeves. I added a tad bit of length to the waistband since the jersey has such great recovery-I didn’t want it too tight.

I self-drafted a pocket because 4 always grabs his clothes with pockets first. I also wanted to make sure the pattern on the Dino fabric lined up, so I took extra time to do that. Basically, I cut another front bodice piece, but just the bottom 2/3 or so. I completely guessed on the pocket openings and they are a bit small so next time I’ll take them in further toward the center. They will work just fine for his little hands, though! I banded the pocket openings with the ribbing, topstitched the top of the pocket down, and sewed the sides into the side seam. I made sure to size up to a 5T so this lasts all summer into the fall.

Next up, I wanted a solid bodysuit with the cerulean jersey with the ribbing for the neck and bottom binding. I decided to sew up a 3-6m size of the Pick & Mix Bodysuit from Made By Jack’s Mum, which just rebranded to Waves & Wild. I’ve heard the pattern is currently being redone and should re-release in the next few weeks. I like this pattern because it includes so many options. I went with the envelope neckline, long sleeves, wide fit bodysuit (for a cloth booty).

I ADORE how good the ribbing makes this bodysuit look! It is hard to tell in photos, but it really gives it a professional touch. I also am glad I was able to match snaps. I want to someday upgrade to metal snaps, but for now will stick to size 16 plastic KAM snaps. This will be a great staple color to mix and match with many other solids and prints! I plan to pair this with the Parachute Pants and also the next item I made…

…Which was the Apple Tree Grow With Me Romper. Did you know you can get the 3-12m size FREE when you sign up for the newsletter? I did not know this, but gladly went searching through my email and found the email I was sent a year or so ago with the link. I had never made an Apple Tree pattern before; the instructions were very clear to follow. I opted to use just the dinosaur print with white for the lining so I could mix and match with bodysuits of various colors. The construction is very interesting to make the grow with me style work. The cuffs at the bottom can be rolled or extended. The sides of the romper have a hidden drawstring that can scrunch up the sides or be let down for the full length. The straps are also adjustable with two snaps-but you can cross the straps in the back for an even smaller fit!

I am so excited for this item because my first babe grew SO fast. He was wearing 12m items at 5 months old, but then seemed to just get longer and only gained a few more pounds the rest of his first year. I am hoping some of these grow with me styles will work for this next babe as well to get more than a month or two wear out of the items I am making.

Next up, I wanted a cute summer romper. I’m back to living in the Midwest and can’t really remember for sure what average summer temperatures are, but I’m guessing we’ll get some pretty warm days. With a very active 4 year old, we’ll be hanging out in the backyard quite a bit and I want to be prepared. So, I went searching for a tank & shorts romper. I came across the Max & Meena Rompaloones pattern which had recently been redone and is now loaded with options. I wanted to test out the projector file, also, before I dove into a more complicated version.

I made the 0-3m size with a crew neck, gusset, and snaps in the inseam. I opted to hem the legs instead of banding. In order to do this, I added about 1.5 inches to the length of the shorts line and hemmed 1 inch to keep the length the the bands would have given. I used the cerulean ribbing for all the bands and binding on this one and again, love the look! The pattern, especially with the added gusset, should give plenty of room for a cloth diaper.

Last but not least, I sewed up a little crinkle paper with the scraps. My first loved these! Such an easy thing to make, pleasant to look at, no shiny buttons or bright sounds to annoy the parents, and so easy to throw in the wash. We had a handful of these with our first babe and always had a couple with us wherever we went in case one was dropped or got dirty.

To make it, I cut a 6 or 7 inch square. I used the dinosaur fabric on one side and leftover minky from another project on the other side. Since I don’t have any official crinkle paper on hand, I used a cereal bag that I had washed out. As with all toys, don’t leave your babe unattended with it! I also added a couple of loops with ribbing scraps so we can clip it onto things or for easier holding.

Whew, that was a lot! I cannot believe I got all of these items out of the amount of fabric I had! The organic euro prints that Bow Button Fabrics carries are amazing because the width of fabric is about 60″ so you get a LOT!

I used:
1 yard Watercolor Dinosaurs
1 yard Cerulean Blue Jersey
1/2 yard Cerulean Blue Ribbing

Parachute Pants
Raglan Sweater
Grow With Me Romper

As always, let me know if you have any questions or comments! Thanks for stopping by!


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