Sew Dynamic Fabrics-Brushed Jersey

Y’all, I haven’t written in months! This summer we took on a ton of house projects in order to sell our house in Arizona in preparation for a cross-country move. We’re now, two months after leaving AZ, somewhat settled in our new place in the Midwest, just in time to sew up Sew Dynamic Fabric’s newest base: Brushed Jersey!

First, I want to talk about Sew Dynamic Fabric’s exciting update: the fabric is now milled AND printed in the US, using Repreve polyester (recycled water bottles)! I am so happy to have found great fabric made right here in the US. The first ever Brushed Jersey preorder is right now, September 25th-October 7th, you don’t want to miss out!

The fabric stats are here:
♻️17.5 recycled plastic bottles per yard
Made and printed in the USA
🏃‍♀️Sorbtek® wicking treatment added
📓 92% Repreve polyester; 8%Spandex⚖️ 230 gsm
↔️100% horizontal, ↕️ 60% vertical stretch

For this round, all the prints are from past rounds. There are four panels and four seamless prints, making this a very unique round! I had the opportunity to sew up the Pastel Honeycomb print and at the last minute added a little of the Neon Dots.

Since we’re entering Fall here in the Midwest (check out all those leaves!), I wanted a comfy hoodie that wasn’t too heavy. I decided to grab the Sinclair Nova. One reason is because I wanted to show the Pastel Honeycomb print without too much colorblocking. Another is because the pattern was printed and ready. The final reason? Because this was my favorite hoodie pattern from last year! I made a 6 graded to 8 tall.

I decided to add the Cedar cuffs from Sinclair Pattern’s Add On Cuff Pack and am so glad I did (thank you to those that gave me your suggestion!). I used the 6 tall and they are perfect!

Isn’t this print fabulous??

This brushed jersey is so comfortable as a pullover. The inside is brushed and so cozy, while the outside is smooth. It is a midweight fabric, so it’s perfect for Fall or Spring or layering in the Winter. It would also make awesome summer shorts!

Next up, I sewed up the Neon Dots. My kiddo first asked for undies, then a matching tee, and finally settled on a winter hat. I may have influenced his decision, because I wanted some of those dots also, and I only had a half yard to play with.

I used the Shmelly Fer Slouch Beanie, as this is my go to for kids and babies. I don’t like beanies with a band, which is one reason I love this pattern. This was my first time trying out the adult version and it has the perfect amount of slouch for me. I might need to size down slightly for myself next time, as it’s just a tad big around my head (although, I’m wondering if it’ll bounce back after it’s first wash?).

The brushed jersey will add some nice warmth during chilly outings and dog walks. I lined with some Cotton Lycra I had on hand, as I think the outside of the brushed jersey (if I made it reversible) would have been a tad slippery for a beanie. As I made it, it’s a great weight!

The Neon Dots print is so fun. I am attracted to more abstract prints and this one is definitely that. I also love how I can turn the hat to highlight different colors to wear in front! I could have even turned the print sideways (it has enough stretch!) to make a hat that was only 2-3 colors, which would have been cool.

I am so excited about this new base from Sew Dynamic Fabrics. I’m excited it is made in the US, recycled, and a comfortable, unique base. It is so soft on the inside and smooth on the outside, has great stretch and recovery, and the colors print so vibrantly. Others have compared this to DBP, which I agree, except I don’t love DBP, and I love this base. Maybe it’s the heavier weight, or only being brushed on the inside? I’m not sure, but I can’t wait to order more. I will for sure be ordering the Misty Tree panel to make some joggers!

Find Sew Dynamic here (this is my referral link-thank you!). Preorder ends on October 7th!!

As always, let me know if you have any questions or comments! Thanks for stopping by!


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