Brassie Shorts Modifications

Hello! I’ve been on the hunt for the best shorts pattern and just can’t quite find what I’m looking for. So, I opted to use my trusted Brassie Jogger pattern from Greenstyle Creations to try and get the look I wanted!

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I used two fabrics from The Fabric Fairy for the shorts: Black Powergrid and Reaction Leaves. The Powergrid is really nice. It has a fun texture to the fabric, is a medium-heavy weight, and doesn’t snag. The Reaction Leaves are a really great fabric! This print is different from the other Reaction fabrics on the site. It is a bit lighter and has amazing drape. Because it’s lighter, it feels softer as well!

ezy watermark_18-05-2020_10-12-35pm

I did two main modifications to the pattern: a waistband hack and a pocket hack. I’ll start with the pockets. I also cut these 2″ shorter than the short line. This is my preferred length for everyday shorts.

ezy watermark_18-05-2020_10-15-31pm

For the pocket modification, the pockets are a full pocket bag inside the shorts instead of topstitched down with only one layer. You’ll need to cut two sets of pocket pieces. On one set, trace the slant pocket from the front leg piece onto the pocket piece. Cut that small piece off and discard.

The modified pocket piece will now be the front of the pocket. Place that piece right sides together on the front of the shorts and sew together. Turn wrong sides together and topstitch over your seam.

ezy watermark_29-04-2020_10-37-46pm

Next, you’ll construct your pocket. Turn the front leg piece right side down. Place the full pocket piece right sides together with the smaller pocket piece already attached to the front of the leg. Sew along the long curved, inside edge of the pocket.

ezy watermark_29-04-2020_10-38-56pm

Now, you’ll follow the original directions from the pattern, clipping, pinning, or basting the two pocket pieces into place on both the outer seam and the top.

ezy watermark_29-04-2020_10-40-57pm

That’s it! Pretty simple to do and now you have a full, functioning pocket without seeing the topstitching!

ezy watermark_29-04-2020_10-45-32pm

The waistband modification is fairly simple. I recommend using 2″ elastic to create this look. I measure where my waistband will sit and cut my elastic 1″ shorter. Both of these pairs of shorts were constructed slightly different.

ezy watermark_18-05-2020_10-15-08pm

For the Reaction Leaves, I made my waistband just a couple of inches bigger than my high hip, or where the waistband would sit. I attached the waistband as normal, leaving a few inches open at the back. I then strung my elastic through, sewed it together, and stitched close the waistband opening. Finally, I stretched the waistband while topstitching above and below the grommets for the drawstring.

ezy watermark_18-05-2020_10-13-54pm

For the Black Powergrid, I constructed the full waistband before attaching to the shorts.


For this one, my waistband measured about 1.5x my high hip measurement. I did the same method, but it was a bit trickier stretching as I topstitched because of the difference in sizes. I used lots of large clips to keep things in place.

ezy watermark_18-05-2020_10-13-09pm

I recommend stretching the elastic before you cut and measure. When you stretch the waistband to topstitch, it may lose a touch of the recovery depending on the quality. I personally love using the 2″ elastic from The Fabric Fairy!

ezy watermark_18-05-2020_10-13-33pm

I am loving these shorts lately. I’ve worn Brassie shorts pretty much everyday since the end of March and needed some more in my rotation. These two are perfect and different from the others I own. Slight modifications add a nice variety to my shorts drawer! What has been your favorite shorts pattern this year?

Here are the fabrics again:

Reaction Leaves
Black Powergrid

As always, let me know if you have any questions or comments! Thanks for stopping by!


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