Summer Staples for the Little

I tend to fall into habits in many aspects of my life. This happens in sewing too; when I like a pattern, I make a million of that same thing. But, I’m trying to venture out. I have a couple of go to shorts patterns for my 3.5 year old and wasn’t sure if I wanted to venture out to another. But, with the Hampton Shorts on sale this month at Greenstyle Creations, I decided to try another pattern!

I’m really glad I did! I’m loving these two pairs of Hampton Shorts that I recently made from Greenstyle Creations. I made the first pair, and immediately put another pair on my sewing to do list. I was going to try these last summer, but with traveling for about 6 weeks I never got around to it when I got back to my machines.


He’s 3.5, and measures right in between sizes. With how much he’s been growing up, I decided to size up to the 4/5 size, hoping they’ll last all season and maybe the beginning of next. Except, have I mentioned we’re moving back to the Midwest after 7+ years in a warm climate? Which means we’ll have fewer shorts wearing days. 😦 😦


For the first pair, I used this awesome French Terry from Amelia Lane Designs. My mom brought down a scrap of the fabric when she visited in February, wondering if I could use the extra. I normally would turn scraps away (hello, overflowing scrap bin) but I was EXCITED about this one! I had been eyeing it since the release and bummed I was unable to order at the time. Thanks, mom!

I used the “wrong side” of the fabric for the main pieces. The pockets are constructed with a pocket bag, so there is no topstitching showing around the curve of the pocket. I decided to use the “right side” of the fabric on the pocket pieces for contrast.

ezy watermark_05-04-2020_03-38-52pm

The pattern comes with an inner and outer waistband. The drawstring goes into the outer waistband. I used grommets, as that is my preferred method for drawstrings. The double waistband is a cute addition to this pattern. It works really well when using two fabrics or reverse sides of fabric like this pair.


Finally, I hemmed the bottom, showing the inside of the fabric for one last pop of contrast. This fabric is SO fun, and I really hope Amelia Lane Designs brings more in at some point. These are paired with the FREE Slope Tank. He’s been living in these recently. This green one is from last year that I wrote about here.

ezy watermark_26-04-2020_09-22-06am

For the next pair of Hampton Shorts I had 2 yards of this Charcoal Grey 2-tone Athletic Polyester Knit from Boho Fabrics Group. I only made a couple of changes to this pair, both to the waistband. I used only the inner waistband, but also reduced the length an inch, as the blue pair is a bit loose in the waistband. They are a bit big, but I know they’ll last ALL season, which is a plus! I paired the shorts with the Slope Tank.

ezy watermark_26-04-2020_09-22-25am



This Slope Tank is sewn with Bamboo Lycra Jersey from The Fabric Fairy. The Salsa Orange is such a pretty summer color! I paired it with scraps of the Heathered Grey color. I added a pocket from another pattern because I can’t get away with sewing him any clothes without pockets these days.

Finally, with my determination to sew through some of my scraps, I decided to make a colorblocked version of the Slope Tank (did I mention this is a free pattern??). I folded my pattern where I thought colorblock lines would work and cut out my pattern, adding in seam allowance.


This tank actually took quite a bit of time to sew up! I wanted to add a pocket, and made sure to topstitch all the colorblocked seams so they would lay flat. I also basted the side (which I never do) to make sure the sides lined up, since the back has the same colorblocking.

And that’s it! My kiddo has a few new staple items to last him all summer!

ezy watermark_26-04-2020_10-15-30am

Hampton Shorts
Slope Tank

Fabric Companies:
Amelia Lane Designs
Boho Fabrics Group
The Fabric Fairy

As always, let me know if you have any questions or comments! Thanks for stopping by!


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