Tygdrommar Euros at Bow Button Fabrics

Have any of you seen the new Tygdrommar Euro prints at Bow Button Fabrics?? I had never bought Euro fabrics prior to shopping at Bow Button Fabrics, but I am now hooked! The prints are so cute and I love that they are in stock and ship quickly!

I had the opportunity to sew up three of the new prints and I am in love. These are all an organic cotton spandex blend at 220 gsm. This base is everything! So soft, great quality, and did I mention the prints are amazing?? I received a fat half of each (which is 36″ by half of the width of fabric). I love that Bow Button Fabrics has fat half AND half yard options for these prints!

The first print I REALLY wanted was the Happy Dinos. I love all things dinosaurs. And, we currently live in the desert so the cactus in the background was perfect! We’re moving soon, so I knew this was probably my last chance of taking photos next to cactus for awhile. These Dinos will be coming back in stock next month, but in two other colorways!


I asked Kimberly to pick out any coordinate for the Dinos, and she chose these Vertical Mint Stripes. Because they have great stretch and recovery in both directions, they are easy to use horizontally or vertically. I opted to use them both ways in my makes.


Last up, I had to add some of these Eucalyptus Leaves to my order! I wanted to try this Euro base for myself and this is such a pretty print. They are sold out right now, but should be back in stock sometime in May!


When the fabric came in, my kid was SO excited. I asked him what he wanted, and he first stated he wanted dinosaur shorts with striped pockets. So those were first up! I went with the Brindille & Twig Pocket Shorts. These have been a favorite the last two summers, and I thought they would be a great style to show off these Happy Dinos!

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I’ve posted about this pattern previously here. The inseam on these are a bit shorter than other shorts I have been making recently, so perfect while trying to squeeze out size 4 makes out of a fat half of fabric.


I used the Happy Dino print for the main pieces. I wanted to show the stripes both directions, so opted  for horizontal stripes on the pockets and vertical stripes on the waistband. This pattern has my favorite pocket construction of all the shorts/pants patterns I own. The pocket back is the same piece of fabric as the main front!

I made no modifications to the pattern. I added grommets and a homemade drawstring with the Heathered Titanium 265gsm Athletic Brushed Polyester, also from Bow Button Fabrics.

Next up, he said he wanted a Dino shirt with a little striped chest pocket. I was talking to my partner about a style of shirt, and he suggested a raglan. Since we might not be in Desert weather all summer, and I had just made a handful of tanks over the last few weeks, this made sense.

ezy watermark_23-04-2020_03-12-00pm

I chose the Nico Raglan by Jalie. I sized up to a 4T so it will hopefully fit for awhile. I barely squeaked out the bodice from the rest of the fat half, so used the stripes on the sleeves. I used them horizontally. For the pocket (not included in the pattern) I used the stripes horizontally as well. I switched it up on the neckband to show off the vertical stripes.


I made a couple of these raglans last fall, and have loved the fit. The pattern comes with child size to adult, so you really get a great range of sizes in the pattern!


Last but not least, I made another pair of undies. I used the Walbrook Boxer Briefs from Greenstyle Creations. I previously wrote about these here. I used this pattern because they fit great AND I already had his size printed. Double win when sewing time is limited these days.
I reeeeally wanted to be able to use the stripes vertically on these undies, but unfortunately I had cut the raglan sleeves first and didn’t have enough room, since the main piece is one big piece cut on the fold. I debated adding a back seam, but ultimately decided against it for comfort.

ezy watermark_23-04-2020_03-11-27pm

I used the stripes for the gusset as well. For the front panel, I used a scrap for the Happy Dinos, making sure to use the hidden seam construction from the end of the pattern tutorial. To mix things up, I used Heathered Titanium 265gsm Athletic Brushed Polyester for the waistband.

I usually just use a knit waistband for his undies. I cut on the lower rise, and cut off about another 1/2″, as he likes them low rise. I then add the knit band to that and they fit great.

ezy watermark_23-04-2020_03-12-16pm

My turn! For me, I had a really hard time deciding what to make. I ultimately decided I wanted a tank pattern that I could wear alone or layered. I wanted something that looked cute with comfy shorts, jeans, or with a skirt for work. Can you tell I love this print??

ezy watermark_24-04-2020_06-32-13pm

I pulled out some plain white CL from my stash and also the Sherbet 190 ABP from Bow Button to coordinate, but wasn’t completely sold on either (although they both look great). I was going for a certain look and was determined to make it work.

ezy watermark_24-04-2020_05-05-27pm

I decided to use the Staple Tank by Greenstyle Creations. I tested the pattern, and have made SO many of these. They are perfect for stand alone tanks and layering. I made a XS graded to Small waist and hip, adding about 1″ to the length.

I first cut the front out. I had almost enough for the back if I cut it in half vertically, but not quite enough for the straps. So, I took a chance, and folded my pattern piece for a color block piece on the top. I cut out the two lower back pieces, and hoped I had enough for the top on another scrap piece of fabric. I was relieved to find that I had just enough! So, my back piece is actually in three pieces. They are placed carefully so the seams aren’t in odd spots, but layered with a cardigan you won’t be able to tell!

ezy watermark_24-04-2020_12-52-40pm

Next up were the bands. I was worried about squeaking them out of the long skinny scraps I had left. I cut the neck band first, knowing if absolutely necessary I could use another fabric for the arm bands. I didn’t have enough going with the stretch, but I had just enough for two bands going with the grain of the fabric. This fabric has enough stretch that I know it worked just fine!

ezy watermark_24-04-2020_06-33-44pm

I love this tank! I love this print! I’m not a huge floral fan, but love greenery, so these Eucalyptus leaves really speak to me. I plan on ordering more for a winter hoodie with the Titanium 265 ABP. 🙂

ezy watermark_24-04-2020_12-52-17pm

I couldn’t just stop there… I already had my Heathered Titanium 265gsm Athletic Brushed Polyester and my Heathered Sherbet 190gsm Athletic Brushed Polyester out, so I decided to make a couple more staple pieces. When we move this summer, I’m determined to get rid of all my ill-fitting clothing AND reducing how much fabric I need to pack, so sewing up staple pieces is key right now.

ezy watermark_24-04-2020_05-05-08pm

I opted for another Staple Tank with the Heathered Sherbet 190gsm Athletic Brushed Polyester. This fabric is so soft and comfortable. I can’t believe I’ve been sitting on this fabric for three months. I have a couple of other colors I definitely need to sew up now!

ezy watermark_24-04-2020_06-30-43pm

With the Heathered Titanium 265gsm Athletic Brushed Polyester, I decided to make a pair of Brassie Jogger Shorts. I sized down to a small. I’m technically on the smallest size of the medium, but always make my pants in the small. I also cut the inseam 2″ shorter than the pattern calls for. These are now my go to comfy house shorts. I’ll be wearing and washing these constantly!!

ezy watermark_24-04-2020_05-04-41pm

Whew, it was a busy week sewing! But, I’m loving all of these items and the Tygdrommar Euro prints at Bow Button Fabrics. They also pair amazingly well with the ABP that Kimberly has in the shop. I can’t wait to explore this combination further with future makes!

ezy watermark_23-04-2020_03-12-36pm

Here’s the fabrics I used (that are in stock):
Happy Dinos-coming back in stock in 2 new colorways!
Eucalyptus Leaves- coming back in stock soon!
Vertical Mint Stripes
Heathered Sherbet 190gsm Athletic Brushed Polyester
Heathered Titanium 265gsm Athletic Brushed Polyester

Pocket Shorts
Nico Raglan
Walbrook Boxer Briefs
Staple Tank
Brassie Jogger Shorts


As always, let me know if you have any questions or comments! Thanks for stopping by!


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