Unexpected Projects: A Treasure Map

If any of you remember from this past Halloween, my kiddo likes pirates, treasures, jewels, you name it. He dressed as a pirate for Halloween and loves his treasure box and pirate money from his great grandparents.


So, when Raspberry Creek Fabrics began printing a few pirate prints, I knew I needed to snag one up. I ordered just a half yard of the Blue Grey Navy Mustard and Red Pirate Treasure Map print. I wanted enough to make the Little a shirt for the summer, with maybe some left overs as accents on other projects.

ezy watermark_13-10-2019_08-22-03am

When the fabric came in, I was careful to hide it after washing. I’ve lost three yards of fabric that are now “fabric blankets”, and I didn’t want this one to be the same. Yesterday I finally pulled it out to cut a summer top for him. I showed him the fabric and asked him if he wanted a tank top or a tee (he’s been preferring tanks).

ezy watermark_11-04-2020_06-50-44pm

He looked at me like I was silly and said, “no mom, it’s not a shirt. it’s a treasure map. You HAVE to make me a treasure map.” I looked at him, then the fabric, and told him he was right. It was meant to be a treasure map! I quickly got to work.

First up, I went and found some scrap fabric for the back. I had made my brother curtains a few years ago, and he sent them back to me when he no longer wanted them. They’ve been sitting around waiting for a project. I knew I didn’t have enough interfacing, but went on with the project anyway. If I was to do something like this again, I’d using double sided interfacing. But, with staying home and a three year old asking me if I was finished yet, I carried on.

ezy watermark_11-04-2020_06-52-04pm

I cut two 18″x18″ squares. One in the pirate print and one in the backing. I also cut two long strips around 1.5″ by maybe 20″? I just eyed what I thought would work as ties around the map.

ezy watermark_11-04-2020_06-52-49pm

I then ironed them and geared up for sewing. I clipped them, right sides together, to keep the fabric from moving around. I ended up serging the edges, but this would have worked with a regular sewing machine as well. I made sure to leave a little hole on one side for the ties.

ezy watermark_11-04-2020_06-52-24pm

I then prepared the ties. I folded them in half, then met the side in the middle and folded again like bias tape.

I then opened up one end (this will be the exposed end) and folded it down and inside and folded it again. This eliminates raw edges from showing. It also is really quick for a toy that may get played with for only five minutes.

I sewed a simple straight stitch along the edge to close the strap. I made sure to backstitch along the edges to eliminate unraveling.

ezy watermark_11-04-2020_06-55-49pm

Next up, I turned the map right side out and ironed, making sure to poke the corners from the inside for nice neat corners and edges. I then pinned the ties into place and prepared to topstitch.

ezy watermark_11-04-2020_06-56-10pm

I used a simple straight stitch to topstitch. I started behind the ties and ended in front of the ties, so the ties were extra secure.

Because I didn’t use interfacing, I did have a little bunching around the hole left for the ties.

ezy watermark_11-04-2020_06-58-04pm

I think it turned out pretty cute for a twenty minute project! My son only asked 6 times if I was finished, yet. 🙂

ezy watermark_11-04-2020_07-05-23pm

To roll it up, I folded it in half and rolled it, just wrapping the ties around. That made it easy for him to “untie”.

ezy watermark_11-04-2020_07-00-47pm

Here is the fabric I used so you can make your own!

Blue Grey Navy Mustard and Red Pirate Treasure Map

I debated on making the map this big, but it kind of doubles as a play mat. His little dinosaurs can swim from island to island, following the red paths. Size definitely depends on your little one!

As always, let me know if you have any questions or comments! Thanks for stopping by!


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