Working Through My Fabric Stash

One of my sewing goals for 2020 is to start working through my fabric stash. I have so much fabric that I’ve been saving for the “perfect project”, but now realize that if I absolutely need something I can always order more fabric. This has happened especially with larger scrap pieces. I had this mentality for awhile that I should save extra fabric so I don’t have items for the same season out of the same fabric-but now I say heck to that, sew it up!

My partner has been asking me more and more lately to make items for him. He knows I am able to adjust patterns for his broad shoulders, or add details that he prefers in his clothing. I have made him at least 7 Hudson Pullovers, which is a raglan pattern, but they’ve all been long sleeve variations. He asked for a short sleeve shirt and I knew I wanted to venture out to a regular tee pattern.

ezy watermark_05-04-2020_04-38-19pm

I dug through my fabric stash to see what I could come up with to test out a new pattern. I landed on enough of his favorite Bamboo Lycra Jersey from The Fabric Fairy that were left over from our family matching (non)holiday pajamas. This is the November Skies color. It’s a beautiful grey blue color.

ezy watermark_05-04-2020_04-39-13pm

I opted to try out the Evergreen Tee by Greenstyle Creations. This tee is free by using the code found in the Greenstyle Facebook Group. I measured my partner and printed off the large. I knew I’d need to make a broad shoulder adjustment, but wasn’t really sure how much since I have always made raglans. I guessed to add 1/2″ to each side.

Thankfully, that was the right amount and the shoulders fit really well! I did not have to lengthen the shirt or sleeves at all. I might shorten the short sleeves just a tad on the next one for personal preference, but we haven’t decided yet!

ezy watermark_05-04-2020_09-27-05am

I was also able to make an 11th Hour Gear Tee for my son with the same fabric. Because it’s a plain tee, I decided to add a fun pocket. He’s very into flowers right now, so I used a scrap of the fabric from Bow Button Fabrics that I’ve used on undies and on a dress. I’ve recently sized up to the 4T for him and the fit is perfect.

ezy watermark_05-04-2020_09-26-38am

He picked the shirt out of his drawer to wear the other day and I told him I liked it and he goes, “thanks, did you make it? I love the pocket!!” So, I’m glad I added the pocket detail! And now he has a pocket to carry his bouncy balls.

ezy watermark_05-04-2020_03-38-25pm

Last but not least, I was able to squeeze out some undies for me out of the rest of this fabric! These days I’ve been reaching for my Feel Frisky Panties by Ellie and Mac every time they are clean. So, I figured it was time to dust off the pattern (I think I made my only pair over a year ago) and make another pair! I used plush picot elastic from Phee Fabrics.

ezy watermark_05-04-2020_09-25-59am

I also found some Bamboo Cotton Lycra French Terry in my stash from The Fabric Fairy. This is the Rhino Grey color that are leftover from this project. I made the Brassie Jogger Shorts and went with a size medium, small waist, and shortened the inseam 1″. These are definitely my go to shorts and I can sew them up so fast these days.

ezy watermark_05-04-2020_11-52-51am

This French Terry is SO comfy and one of my favorite fabrics ever. I added black twill tape for a drawstring, but am debating if I want to use a different color! I grabbed the black as I didn’t want to wait to wear them. What do you all think? Should I make a bright colored drawstring??

ezy watermark_05-04-2020_11-53-19am

Next up, I made another pair of Brassie Joggers, but this time capri length. Our weather here in Arizona is getting pretty warm, but we had a cool week where the evenings were still pretty chilly. I really wanted another pair of capri length as full length were a tad warm!

ezy watermark_05-04-2020_03-39-28pm

I found this Purple Haze Eclat Marl Poly Spandex Jersey Knit and knew it was perfect. It’s soft, stretchy, and has great recovery. This is one of my favorite fabrics for joggers and I’m glad I found it hiding in my fabric stash!

ezy watermark_05-04-2020_11-50-55am

Again, I used twill tape for the drawstring. Sometimes I like making my own drawstring, but sometimes I like the contract color. Twill tape holds up pretty well, is flat, and easy to find!

ezy watermark_05-04-2020_11-52-14am

It feels good working through some of my fabric stash. I have a ways to go, but I’m finally feeling OK with not saving scraps “just in case”. How is your fabric stash??

Here’s what I used:

November Skies Bamboo Lycra Jersey Knit
Rhino Grey Bamboo Cotton Lycra French Terry
Purple Haze Eclat Marl Poly Spandex Jersey Knit

Evergreen Tee
11th Hour Gear Tee
Feel Frisky Panties
Brassie Joggers

As always, let me know if you have any questions or comments! Thanks for stopping by!


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