Day 6 – The Fabric Fairy 2020 Swim Sew Along

Welcome to day SIX of the 2020 Swim Sew Along with The Fabric Fairy! I am SO excited that you are here with me! Today we are going to focus on catching up and I’ll be sharing my final make.

ezy watermark_27-03-2020_10-11-30am

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The schedule is as follows:
March 23: Prepare patterns, fabrics, and notions
March 24: Cut your fabric
March 25: Begin Swimsuit
March 26: Continue (and/or finish) swimsuit
March 27: Sew second item (this is now optional and is a bonus entry for prizes!)
March 28: Catch up day over the weekend WE ARE HERE!
March 29: Post final makes in the final thread to be eligible for prizes!

So, let’s get to it!

Today, I’m going to chat about sewing the Board Shorts by Jalie!

My partner picked out the Moss Microfiber Boardshort Fabric. He wanted a solid pair, so I stuck with 1.5 yards of the single color.

When I cut these out, I made sure to leave the pattern pieces with the cut fabric pieces-this pattern has a LOT of pieces and I didn’t want to mix anything up! Somehow with all that I even managed to trace and cut the same piece twice. 🙂

ezy watermark_22-03-2020_03-10-22pm

Jalie patterns have great drafting, but if you are used to pdf patterns, the instructions are very simple and sometimes hard to follow moving back and forth between the images and text instructions. But, everything is always in there, I just sometimes have to reread a few times!

The pattern came together well, but did take me awhile. I’m not used to working with woven fabrics, plus my partner wanted me to modify things partially through! The main thing he wanted modified was the fly.

Instead of velcro on the fly, he wanted me to make an attached cover piece. I had never seen it before, but one of his old pair of board shorts have it so I tried to copy it.

ezy watermark_27-03-2020_10-13-11am

Let me start this with… I didn’t get it right! I was close, but it’s too low. I at least know what I need to do next time, and will tell you how I will alter it in the future. It will work just fine for this pair, but with the following modifications (follow the blue and yellow drawings) it will be perfect!

First up, you’ll cut a triangle of a swim fabric or lining fabric that was stretch. You want it straight up and down on one side, and angled on the other. You also want to change the fly guard piece-instead of cutting on the fold, you want to mirror the piece, adding seam allowance where the fold usually is.

ezy watermark_27-03-2020_10-20-44am

First up, hem the top and bottom of the swim fabric. Then, you’ll place it inside the fly piece, ready to sew up where the fold of the fly guard piece is. Notice my blue arrows?? You’ll want to move the swim fabric to the TOP! This will ensure it covers the area up to the top of the board shorts.

ezy watermark_27-03-2020_10-21-17am

Sew the edge where the fold was, turn, and top stitch the fly guard piece. Another hint is to slim the swim fabric piece a little where the yellow line is. Mine is a bit wide, although still works fine. Again, notice the blue lines should be at the top of this piece.

ezy watermark_27-03-2020_10-22-11am

Next up is attaching it to the shorts. Attach the fly guard to the shorts as the pattern calls for. Remember your piece will be slimmed a bit where the yellow line is.

ezy watermark_27-03-2020_10-23-12am

Next, you’ll want to sew the swim fabric to the fly piece on the other side. Again, notice the blue arrows and move the swim fabric to the top!


Below is a photo of it sewn. The inner piece will need to be modified to be able to accommodate the swim fabric on the inside.

ezy watermark_27-03-2020_10-25-40am

Now, finish the fly as normal, making sure the swim fabric is smooth and not catching on any of your top stitches. I sewed my fly closed about half way up, as the opening was too long since I was not using hook and loop.

ezy watermark_27-03-2020_10-12-16am

Overall, I’m pretty happy with these being my first pair of shorts like this! My partner has requested a few modifications on the next pair that will be pretty easy to accommodate. First up, is to move the ties a bit closer together and add a square of hook and loop at the very top of the fly.

The last modification will be to add a welt zip pocket on the top side panel piece. I had hopes of completing that this week, but honestly with everything going on I just wanted to finish them! I may go back and make these changes to this pair since they do fit him so well, though. 🙂

ezy watermark_27-03-2020_10-13-50am

That’s it for today! Tomorrow is our last day of The Fabric Fairy Swim Sew Along! You’ll have the day to finish your items and post your final photos. I’ll be writing about how to enter to win prizes!! Remember, if you were able to sew up a second (or more) item, you are eligible for an additional prize! For clarification, if I was entering, I would have four entries: 1. the trunks and rash guard for my son 2. my suit 3. my coverup 4. my partner’s swim trunks. Stay tuned for more details tomorrow!

Day 7, our FINAL DAY, is here!

As always, let me know if you have any questions or comments! Thanks for stopping by!


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