Day 5 – The Fabric Fairy 2020 Swim Sew Along

Welcome to day FIVE of the 2020 Swim Sew Along with The Fabric Fairy! I am SO excited that you are here with me! Today we are going to focus on sewing a coverup!

ezy watermark_25-03-2020_05-51-37pm

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The schedule is as follows:
March 23: Prepare patterns, fabrics, and notions
March 24: Cut your fabric
March 25: Begin Swimsuit
March 26: Continue (and/or finish) swimsuit
March 27: Sew second item (this is now optional and is a bonus entry for prizes!) WE ARE HERE!
March 28: Catch up day over the weekend
March 29: Post final makes in the final thread to be eligible for prizes!

So, let’s get to it!

Today, I’m going to chat about sewing the Beach Coverup by Ellie & Mac!

ezy watermark_25-03-2020_05-52-09pm

I am the type that usually just throws on shorts and a tank when I’m heading to the pool or the beach, but I thought I’d mix things up this year. I began searching all over for a loose fitting coverup, and landed on the Beach Coverup by Ellie & Mac.

I have seen such cute mesh or striped swim coverups, and wanted to recreate the look. When The Fabric Fairy stocked the Mystic Stripe Mesh, I knew it would be perfect. Unfortunately, white is out of stock at this time, but the Black Mystic Stripe Poly Mesh Fabric is still available.

ezy watermark_25-03-2020_05-50-30pm

I cut the pattern out as normal, raising the neck holes on both front and back by about an inch. I wanted to skip the neck facing and hem everything, so raising the neckline helped with that.

The pattern calls for a knit, but the mesh has two way stretch. Because of this, I slimmed the front and back each by about an inch. I probably did not need to do this since it is such a loose fit, but I did.

ezy watermark_25-03-2020_05-52-55pm

I sewed the pattern together as normal, hemming all edges, even the neckline. I made sure to attach the back strap where the pattern suggested so it would not fall off of my shoulders.

ezy watermark_25-03-2020_05-53-37pm

The last modification I did was to sew a belt or sash. Although I prefer to wear loose fitting clothing, I also like shaping. The belt adds that shaping! I did not add in belt loops so that I am able to wear it either way. For the belt, I measured the length of my fabric by 3 inches. I sewed a long tube and turned, hemming the short edges inside.

That’s it for today! Isn’t this such a cute pattern and fabric? Tomorrow I’ll go over the Board Shorts by Jalie that I am making for my partner. Stay tuned, I have a little modification in there. 🙂

Day 6 is here!

ezy watermark_25-03-2020_05-51-05pm

As always, let me know if you have any questions or comments! Thanks for stopping by!


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