Day 3 – The Fabric Fairy 2020 Swim Sew Along

Welcome to day THREE of the 2020 Swim Sew Along with The Fabric Fairy! I am SO excited to begin and that you are here with me! Today we are going to focus on sewing!


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The schedule is as follows:
March 23: Prepare patterns, fabrics, and notions
March 24: Cut your fabric
March 25: Begin Swimsuit WE ARE HERE!
March 26: Continue (and/or finish) swimsuit
March 27: Sew second item (this is now optional and is a bonus entry for prizes!)
March 28: Catch up day over the weekend
March 29: Post final makes in the final thread to be eligible for prizes!

So, let’s get to it!

Today, I’m going to chat about sewing the Swim Trunks by 5 out of 4 Patterns and the Reagan Rash Guard by Made for Mermaids. I made this set for my 3 year old and he’s been living in this during outside play time.

ezy watermark_22-03-2020_10-54-57am

Let’s start with the Swim Trunks by 5 out of 4 Patterns. This was my first time sewing with board short fabric AND making swim trunks! And let me tell you, they are so darn cute-I will definitely be making this pattern again.

I first made the lining. I used the Carbon White Ultralight Poly Lycra Tricot Fabric left over from a tank top I made in this post. It is a great pattern for swim lining-especially for trunks, as I don’t use mesh.

My kid is a bit sensitive to elastic and often says it is too tight, so I wanted to eliminate the elastic around the legs. I made the bands at about 85% of the opening, plus seam allowance, by 2″ wide.


I sewed them on like normal bands are sewn and topstitched them down for comfort.


The rest of the trunks I followed the directions. I used the Water Change Red Stripe Microfiber Boardshort Fabric. My kiddo spent a long time picking out this fabric online, but he’s so happy with it. It was like a science experiment the first time he tried getting the fabric wet.

I chose to do the inseam pockets for this pair. I used the same fabric as the lining for the pockets. The white definitely shows when they are on, so in the future I may try to find a color closer to the main fabric. I do like that they are a thin fabric, though.

Sewing with the board short fabric was a breeze. I made sure to get all my settings correct on a scrap piece of fabric prior to sewing. It was a bit different since the fabric doesn’t stretch, so I had to go by looking only.

I made a size 4 so we have growing room all summer. I also went with the elastic on the size 4, but made sure to include a functioning drawstring. I used polyester drawstring that I found at Joann. This helps keep them up since they are just a tad loose right now. I always make sure to tack my drawstrings into my waistbands so they don’t come out.

I have a couple of tips for sewing and topstitching the waistband, or topstitching any swimsuit where there is elastic. The first is to stretch the elastic a bit from both the front AND back of your machine. This will help from the item pulling in one direction or the other.

The other tip is for those that have a coverstitch machine. I have the basic brother machine, but I like to make sure my stitch length is set to the longest length. I also make sure to always have my needles down when adjusting through my machine (when I remove a clip, or adjust my fabric closer to the front). If my needles are up, and I pull too hard, I usually end up with a skipped stitch. Lots of trial and error went into figuring this out!

Next up, I made the Reagan Rash Guard by Made for Mermaids. I made a straight 4T for growing room. I left out the elastic in the hem, which works best since it is a little big right now. This works great for playing in the sun out back and he loves the color!

ezy watermark_25-03-2020_08-28-59am

Sewing up this rash guard was exactly like sewing up a basic raglan, except in swim fabric. Swim fabric tends to be a little slippery, so I made sure to use extra clips when I needed to keep my fabrics from shifting. 🙂 Here is the fabric I used: South Beach Nylon Spandex Swimsuit Fabric.

That’s it for today! I’ll definitely be adding more board short and swim fabric to my next Fabric Fairy order to make another set or two for the summer. By how the last two weeks have been going, this set is going to see some miles!

ezy watermark_14-03-2020_01-52-38pm

Tomorrow I’ll go over the Daybreak Swim Hack by Striped Swallow Designs and the North Shore Swimsuit Scoop Bottoms by Greenstyle Creations. Stay tuned!

Day 4 is here!

As always, let me know if you have any questions or comments! Thanks for stopping by!


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