Day 2 – The Fabric Fairy 2020 Swim Sew Along

Welcome to day TWO of the 2020 Swim Sew Along with The Fabric Fairy! I am SO excited to begin and that you are here with me! Today we are going to focus on cutting out your patterns.


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The schedule is as follows:
March 23: Prepare patterns, fabrics, and notions
March 24: Cut your fabric WE ARE HERE!
March 25: Begin Swimsuit
March 26: Continue (and/or finish) swimsuit
March 27: Sew second item (this is now optional and is a bonus entry for prizes!)
March 28: Catch up day over the weekend
March 29: Post final makes in the final thread to be eligible for prizes!

So, let’s get to it!

If you’ve worked with swim fabric before, you know it can be a bit slippery. I prefer to always cut with my rotary cutter on my cutting mat. When I’m cutting swim fabric, I always make sure to use a lot of pattern weights and hold my hand on the fabric where I’m cutting so it doesn’t slip. Some of you may prefer to use pins or use sewing shears, and that works great, too! Everyone has their own preferred method. 🙂

ezy watermark_22-03-2020_03-11-41pm

Make sure you are taking the time to cut every piece you may need. Check what is needed with your main fabric, your lining, and maybe even interfacing if your pattern calls for it.

ezy watermark_22-03-2020_03-08-54pm

After I cut out my items, I like to store them in a plastic zip bag so I make sure everything I need is in one spot. I used to lose pieces quite a bit and this has eliminated that-especially when I batch cut items! I also write on a little note what pattern it is, any modifications, and even if I cut the bands long and need to still calculate that length!

ezy watermark_22-03-2020_03-10-22pm

Another thing I do when I’m making a new pattern with lots of pieces (I’m looking at you, Jalie Board Shorts!!) is I leave my pieces with the paper pattern piece. Simpler patterns like basic swim bottoms I don’t usually do this because the pieces are easier to identify.

I always try make sure to add a larger scrap of my fabric in each bag, also. This helps with getting the settings and tensions juuuuust right on my machines!

The last thing to do today, is get your machines set up with the correct thread you’ll need.  I usually have either black or light grey in my serger, and occasionally switch out my left needle thread to something that is a closer match to my fabric.

ezy watermark_22-03-2020_03-12-20pm

That’s it for today! Tomorrow we’ll start sewing your swimsuit, so stay tuned! I’ll be starting with the Swim Trunks by 5 out of 4 and the Reagan Rash Guard by Made for Mermaids.

Day 3 is here!

As always, let me know if you have any questions or comments! Thanks for stopping by!


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