GS 2020 Fit Capsule Part 2

I’m back with the final three items of my 2020 Greenstyle Creations Fit Capsule! As I mentioned in my post on Part 1, I was going for neutral colors. I think I accomplished that! If you missed it, here are my makes from Part 1:

ezy watermark_27-02-2020_08-50-16pm

I started with cutting another pair of Tempo Tights. A friend of mine had some leggings on the other day mixing two greys and I loved the look. I had a couple shades of grey of 265 Athletic Brushed Polyester from Bow Button Fabrics and wanted to recreate the look!

ezy watermark_28-02-2020_11-10-51am

This time, I went with the high rise, straight bum, with the ultra high waistband. I think this version fits a bit better than the ones I made here! These are the standard length again, lengthened just a tad in the knee.

ezy watermark_28-02-2020_11-12-36am

The two colors of fabric I used are Heathered Titanium and Heathered Silver (both still in stock!). I think they look so good together! I made sure to use the dark color on my bum and played with colors on the waistband. Last time I did the waistband a solid color, but like the attention the two colors bring.

ezy watermark_05-03-2020_10-39-41am

Next up, I wanted to make a Tie Back Tank. I chose black to continue on my neutral plan. I’ve had this Black Soft Recycled Poly from Sew Dynamic Fabrics for a few months and still hadn’t made myself anything. I first wrote about it here. The fabric has gorgeous drape and works great for this tank. I made three Tie Back Tanks about two years ago and lived in them the past two summers. It was about time I made another!

ezy watermark_05-03-2020_10-40-36am

Finally, I was digging around in my fabric stash when these Fine Lines in Black from Greenstyle Creations fell on the floor. I had misplaced them (and forgot about them) and am SO glad I found them! The stripes are very lightweight and perfect for a loose fitting tank!

ezy watermark_05-03-2020_10-40-01am

I went with the Muscle Up Tank for this one. I wanted to make sure my neutral tanks were different styles, but I still wanted a loose fitting tank. I loved the Muscle Up last summer and am glad to have another basic version for this year! I did grade out a bit for my hips since the tank is a straight cut. Don’t tell my partner I made one for myself and not for him-it’s his favorite tank pattern!!

ezy watermark_05-03-2020_10-39-21am

These six pieces go so well together and round out my closet nicely. I am eager for the weather to stay nice and warm so I can take my workouts outside. 🙂

ezy watermark_28-02-2020_11-29-19am

Did you participate in the Greenstyle Creations 2020 Fit Capsule? If so, what did you make?

Heathered Titanium
Heathered Silver
Fine Lines in Black
Black Soft Recycled Poly
Tempo Tights
Tie Back Tank
Muscle Up Tank

ezy watermark_05-03-2020_10-40-58am

As always, let me know if you have any questions or comments! Thanks for stopping by!


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