Nova by Sinclair

Y’all, I think I’ve found my new favorite comfy hoodie/sweatshirt! The Nova by Sinclair is  a great relaxed raglan that is perfect in French Terry and Sweater Knits! I’ve made three and am going to tell you all about them today!

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I started with a crew neck version to check fit. I first went with a straight size 8 tall. I used the Wine Red Cotton French Terry from Boho Fabrics. This is a great FT that does not pill like other FTs since it is made from cotton, plus it has great four way stretch.

ezy watermark_23-02-2020_07-55-19pm

I decided to try my hand at reverse coverstitching the seams, and unfortunately I couldn’t get my tension just right so there are a few stop and start points in the middle of the seams. Thankfully you can’t tell unless you’re close to me!

ezy watermark_23-02-2020_07-56-20pm

This one came out a bit baggy across my chest and in the armpits, so I decided to size down that part on the next one. I still wear this one all the time and definitely need another crew neck version.

The next one, I used the Premium Bamboo French Terry from Bow Button Fabrics in Ocean, which the color is no longer available. This fabric is SO soft! Definitely one of my favorite comfy hoodie fabrics!

ezy watermark_23-02-2020_08-05-34pm

This one, I sized down the chest and upper arms to a size 6. This one feels much better and isn’t so baggy in the bust area. I added the hood and kangaroo pocket to this one for the ultimate hoodie.

ezy watermark_23-02-2020_08-06-53pm

Connecting the hood to the bodice was a bit confusing for me, but I went slow, followed the image and directions carefully, and ended up getting everything right on the first go! I think it was confusing for me because the instructions are SO detailed with multiple notches, which I am not used to!

ezy watermark_23-02-2020_08-04-28pm

After having these two in heavy rotation for about a month, I decided that I needed to sew up another Nova to round out the cold weather season. I grabbed this Honey Brushed Tri Blend from Boho Fabrics and this is a great recreation of one of my favorite RTW sweatshirts that has seen better days. This color is out of stock, but there are plenty others like this dark gray.

ezy watermark_23-02-2020_07-59-09pm

I made this one the same size and options as the last as the fit was excellent. I ended up making the standard cuffs into thumb hole cuffs and love it! The cuffs on this pattern are long, and I like having the cuffs over part of my hands. By adding the thumb hole cuff, this added to the comfort! I used the tutorial in this video and they sewed up quickly, adding just a few minutes to my new hoodie.

ezy watermark_23-02-2020_08-01-16pm

I’ve already worn this one multiple times as well. This fabric is also very soft and the coloration hides the dog hair that somehow always finds its way to my clothing! One of our dogs right now is shedding like no other. I vacuum one day and there are already tufts of hair the next day! Yikes!

ezy watermark_23-02-2020_07-56-55pm

Have you tried the Nova by Sinclair, yet? This will definitely be in heavy rotation again next fall. For now, though, our days are reaching the 70s again so it may be time to move on from winter sewing!

ezy watermark_23-02-2020_08-02-11pm

Nova by Sinclair Patterns
Wine Red Cotton French Terry
Premium Bamboo French Terry
Boho Fabrics (referral code for a discount!)

As always, let me know if you have any questions or comments! Thanks for stopping by!


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