South Shore Romper

Last October, my brother and sister in law got married near Napa, California. The wedding was absolutely beautiful and I could not be happier for the two of them. Check out the dress I wore here. The day following the wedding, a big group of us loaded into a big bus and headed out to a couple of wineries.

I had never been out to this area of the country and was really excited… but I wasn’t really sure what to wear! I wanted something incredibly comfortable that I wouldn’t mind walking around in or sitting in a bus in. My three year old would be with us, so I also needed something comfortable to crouch down, carry him, or run around chasing him (although with all four grandparents plus a ton of others that love playing with him, I actually did not do too much of these!).

ezy watermark_03-02-2020_05-27-56pm

Diana Austin had recently posted a solid black South Shore Romper by Ellie and Mac that was gorgeous, and I wanted to recreate the look. You can find her on Instagram here. I had made a shorts and tank version last summer, but loved the look of the long pants. The average weather in Napa Valley that time of year was mid 70s, so I thought the short sleeved version would be perfect.

ezy watermark_03-02-2020_05-26-05pm

I ended up making a straight small, with a couple of modifications for my height. Last time I made the medium bottoms and they were a bit big, so I decided to size down since I would be using knit.

ezy watermark_03-02-2020_05-29-12pm

I used some 265 Athletic Brushed Polyester from Bow Button Fabrics and it was PERFECT for the South Shore Romper! It was thick enough to not worry about being see through in the sun or getting worn out from sitting. The day ended up being in the 80s, so in direct sunlight I was a bit warm, but we were mostly in the shade or cool wine cellars at the winery so it was perfect.

ezy watermark_03-02-2020_05-25-18pm

The top ended up being a little snug, so my next one I think I’m going to size up just the back piece, since it was only snug through the back shoulders. I have a small bust but average shoulders, so this is a normal adjustment for me. The fabric is fairly compressive, so that also added to the snugness.

ezy watermark_03-02-2020_05-31-07pm

I got so many compliments all day long! Unfortunately, we didn’t take a single photo, so backyard photos will have to do. We always forget to take family photos when we’re in cool places, and I was really bummed by the lack of photos I took over the weekend.

ezy watermark_03-02-2020_05-26-25pm

My favorite part of this pattern is the gigantic pockets. I may or may not have left the last winery with a full bottle of wine hidden in my pocket. It was perfect for holding my phone all day for all those photos I didn’t take.

ezy watermark_03-02-2020_05-30-08pm

The South Shore Romper is on sale for $1 today only! Grab the pattern while you can at this price. Or check out all the other Wacky Wednesday sales on the Ellie and Mac website!

South Shore Romper
265 Athletic Brushed Polyester

As always, let me know if you have any questions or comments! Thanks for stopping by!


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