See It Sewn Saturday Sale at Bow Button Fabrics!

Happy Saturday! Who doesn’t love an AMAZING sale?? I sure do!

I was given the opportunity to sew up this gorgeous Super Soft Poly Spandex fabric in Nicolette Magenta Floral on White to showcase for the one day sale at Bow Button Fabrics. I always love being able to see fabrics sewn up prior to ordering and was excited for the opportunity to sew this fabric up for you!

ezy watermark_07-02-2020_10-24-00am

I wanted to make sure you all could see the fabric on items for adults down to babies, so that’s what I did. I also wanted to mix it up from lounge pieces to nicer items appropriate for work. This fabric, SSP, is great for everything. When I first felt it, I thought of athletic items, but actually made a dress with my first order of SSP. That post is here.

ezy watermark_07-02-2020_10-25-45am

The fabric is smooth, cool to the touch, has excellent recovery and drape, and is thick enough for leggings. I don’t tend to buy floral prints-or anything pink-that much, but I love this print. It is really pretty!

ezy watermark_07-02-2020_10-25-12am

I almost made a dress, but I wanted something I knew I would wear a lot. What is one item that I wear A LOT? The Greenstyle Brassie Joggers. I opted for the longer cut line on these and skipped the cuffs, finishing with a hem. I also slimmed this pair through the knees. This was the first time I had ever done this, but with this fabric they ended up snug over my calves and looked better slimmed up. I debated on a drawstring, but ended up adding one at the end!

ezy watermark_07-02-2020_10-24-31am

Next up, I made a Greenstyle Creations Staple Tank. I know that warmer weather is coming soon here in Arizona (except today as I’m writing this, it is currently in the 20’s at 7:30am!). I wanted a nice tank that I could layer with a cardigan this spring, or wear alone this summer.

ezy watermark_07-02-2020_10-27-11am

I like the Staple Tank because the armscye is higher and the back is U-shaped, both giving the tank a bit of a dressier look than loose racerback tanks.

ezy watermark_07-02-2020_10-23-03am

Last summer I had a pretty consistent racerback tan line. Staple Tanks help even things out a bit! I first wrote about this tank here. I used bindings on this one.

ezy watermark_06-02-2020_03-07-18pm

After the first two pieces, I had some odd shaped scraps left. I knew I wanted to make another Power Sports Bra, so that’s what I did. I heavily modified the back to not use up quite so much fabric. I love the look of this back.

ezy watermark_07-02-2020_10-44-41am

Even though SSP fabric is good for SO many things, swim is not one of them. So, this may become a great top for playing in water in the backyard with my kiddo in addition to a cute lounge bra. Oh, I can see this bra behind a cute Tie Back Tank, also!

ezy watermark_06-02-2020_03-03-32pm

I used plain white Cotton Lycra as the lining since I knew this would be more of a lounge bra.

ezy watermark_06-02-2020_03-06-12pm

Next up, I knew I wanted to make some baby items for one of my best friends from my time in the Peace Corps. She is having her first baby, a girl, and I wanted to sew up something cute. My go to are the Parachute Pants by Max and Meena because they fit so well over any type of diapers and chunky or skinny babes. I like that there is no elastic in the waist to constrict baby bellies, also.

ezy watermark_06-02-2020_03-01-38pm

I decided to pair the pants with a cute little bow headband. I found this free pattern online a few years ago and have no idea where I found it, as the name isn’t printed on the pattern piece. I used plain white Cotton Lycra on the back to help the headband stay her head and not slip off. If anyone has tips for tying a bow please send them my way!

ezy watermark_06-02-2020_03-02-14pm

Think I’m done yet? Not quite! I squeezed out as many projects as possible out of the two yards Kimberly sent me! I wanted to tackle scrunchies for the first time and this was a great opportunity. I landed on the Ellie and Mac Scrunchie pattern, which is free! I didn’t have quite enough fabric to make the entire piece with one cut, so I ended up sewing two pieces together for each scrunchie. The pattern is easy to follow and I definitely recommend it.

ezy watermark_06-02-2020_03-02-44pm

I’m not sure I’m quite on the scrunchie train again, but I wanted to try them out. I’m in my 30’s, and scrunchies still remind me of growing up in the 90’s. All happy memories, but still… 🙂 I ended up getting three scrunchies with the rest of my scraps. I’ll keep one for sure. One of them will be sent off to my friend having the baby. She can either match or use it to keep around a rolled up blanket or something. The third one I haven’t decided! 🙂

ezy watermark_06-02-2020_03-00-27pm

Whew, that was a lot of sews! What do you think of this Super Soft Poly Spandex fabric in Nicolette Magenta Floral on White? Grab some today while it is on a super reduced price at Bow Button Fabrics! Be sure to check out the new notions on the site, too!

Nicolette Magenta Floral on White
Brassie Joggers
Staple Tank
Power Sports Bra
Parachute Pants

The best part? If I’m feeling extra, I can wear everything together!! 🙂 🙂

ezy watermark_07-02-2020_10-23-30am

As always, let me know if you have any questions or comments! Thanks for stopping by!


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