The Fabric Fairy Choose Your Own Adventure Sew a Long – 2020

This past week, The Fabric Fairy had a 2020 Choose Your Own Adventure Sew a Long. Alex led the sew a long and it was so fun to sew with everyone! The only “rule” of the sew a long was that three items needed to be completed: a top, a bottom, and a layer. They did not even need to coordinate! Just something to jump start your 2020 sewing.

ezy watermark_20-01-2020_04-33-18pm

I knew right away that I wanted to sew up a Pacific Pullover. I wrote all about that a few days ago in this post. I have been wearing this nonstop-I love it! The other two patterns I chose were from Greenstyle Creations also. What can I say, they are one of my favorite companies!

ezy watermark_20-01-2020_04-33-53pm

Next up, I wanted another pair of Inspire Tights with the Free Contour Waistband and the Brassie Jogger pockets. This has been my go to leggings pattern lately. The Inspires have less compression than other legging patterns, so I enjoy wearing them all day long.

ezy watermark_20-01-2020_04-39-18pm

I used the Majestic Burgundy Marl Poly Spandex Jersey Knit Fabric from The Fabric Fairy. The fabric is a medium weight and is brushed. I love the coloring in the fabric-it’s not quite a solid which is great to mix things up in my very solid closet. The fabric has 4 way 75% stretch which is great for comfy leggings.

ezy watermark_20-01-2020_04-41-01pm

To make sure the waistband doesn’t budge, instead of using elastic, I used a thick supplex for the inner layer of the waistband. I have done this on my last three pairs of leggings like this and I love the added support and control without the need for elastic!

ezy watermark_20-01-2020_04-36-12pm

Next up, I made a Power Sports Bra. Two, actually, but the first had been started months ago. I ended up heavily modifying the back to make this cute braid up the back. I was using scraps from leggings that I wrote about here, and unfortunately they were not quite long enough for what I wanted to make. So, I had to make another with my leftover Majestic Burgundy fabric!

ezy watermark_20-01-2020_04-35-02pm

This time I cut the straps extra long and tried again. I LOVE the way it looks! I have seen similar bras on Pinterest, and couldn’t wait to make my own. What do you think??

ezy watermark_20-01-2020_04-46-04pm

I love how all these pieces match together. This was not something I had planned on, but am glad it worked out! Have you joined in any sew a longs lately? Be sure to let me know in the comments!

ezy watermark_20-01-2020_04-40-03pm

As always, let me know if you have any questions or comments! Thanks for stopping by!


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