Bow Button Fabrics – Style Box #1

Bow Button Fabrics is one of my go to fabric shops and I am so excited that they have started style boxes! I have never bought a mystery box, scrap box, subscription box, etc., because I really hate surprises. I even have a hard time buying new to me fabrics because I hate when I am disappointed when they aren’t exactly as I’d envisioned. With saying all that, I was actually really excited to purchase this style box!


This box included (taken from the Bow Button Facebook Page):

The first fabric in the box was one of my favorite fabrics that BBF carries, 265 Athletic Brushed Polyester in black. I knew immediately I wanted to make new leggings more for everyday wear. The fabric is thick enough for leggings without me worrying about being see through. It is also moisture wicking if I get a bit warm or decide to work out in them. When choosing a pattern, I knew I wanted something comfortable for hours of wear with minimal seams. Because of this, I decided to make the Inspire Tights by Greenstyle Creations.

ezy watermark_17-01-2020_02-07-29pm

This pattern does not have a large pocket, so I went with the modification to add the Brassie Jogger pockets to the front of these leggings. This mod has been floating around the Greenstyle Facebook Group for awhile, and I love it! The pockets are hidden when wearing a tunic, so they still look like basic leggings.

ezy watermark_17-01-2020_02-05-04pm

I also decided to use the Free Contour Waistband that Greenstyle has. I use the high rise, as it hits right at my natural waist, so the seam bulk is at my thinnest part. I usually use a more compressive fabric, like supplex for the inner waistband to make sure my leggings don’t budge. This way I can also omit the clear elastic in the top seam! I always add the optional gusset into the Inspire Tights for a wider range of motion and more comfort.

ezy watermark_17-01-2020_02-08-04pm

The next fabric is this beautiful Brushed Ribbed Polyester Spandex in Ryan Ivory. The fabric is really cool. Probably something I would not have picked up otherwise, because plain white is something I always skip over. I am SO glad Kimberly included this fabric in the box! The brushed ribbed texture of the fabric takes your makes beyond a basic white tee… which is exactly what I made.

ezy watermark_17-01-2020_05-22-55pm

I made a long sleeved Green Tee with a V neck. I recently through out my RTW plain white fitted tees because of either poor fit, stains, or they were just worn out. But, now I’m without and as I mentioned before… I never buy white. This is one of my favorite fitted tees, so it was a natural choice. πŸ™‚

ezy watermark_17-01-2020_05-21-30pm

I still have enough left over for another top. I cannot make up my mind on what I want, though! I’ve gone back and forth between a tee or tank, both that I could layer this time of year, buuuuut, I can’t decide which pattern! If you have any favorites, let me know!

ezy watermark_17-01-2020_05-20-37pm

Next up, I wanted to split this beautiful Double Brushed Polyester Spandex in Parker Navy Paisley with my sister in law. I made two tops with the two yards that I had. There is still a bit on the website so grab it before it’s gone!

ezy watermark_17-01-2020_02-00-39pm

For me, I made the Slim Dolman by Halla Patterns. I had only sewn it up one time before here, and wear that top all the time. I wanted one that was a bit dressier to wear to work and this Paisley DBP was perfect! Because I was trying to squeeze two long sleeve tops out of two yards, I ended up adding cuffs to my sleeves because I couldn’t quite get the full length.

ezy watermark_17-01-2020_02-04-02pm

For my SIL, I made the Tulip Tee by Patterns for Pirates-without the tulip. I love this top and am hoping she does too! I was really running out of fabric, but the dolman sleeves and her shorter height than me really helped me out on this one. She said it fits, which is good since she lives states away!

ezy watermark_17-01-2020_02-00-05pm

Last, I wanted to make my kiddo something with the leftover 265 ABP. I made him some 11th Hour Joggers by New Horizon Designs. These have been my go to pants pattern this winter for my three year old! I’ve been adding drawstrings, as some of the first ones I made slip down him by the end of the day. These black ABP joggers are SO cute.

ezy watermark_17-01-2020_04-51-13pm

I absolutely LOVED this style box. I love the Navy buttons that were in the box, although I haven’t used them yet. But, I LOVE the Kai Seam Remover. I fortunately don’t seam rip too often anymore, but this has come in handy the last couple times I have had to. Just be careful-I sliced the end of my finger open the last time I used it! Although it has little “combs”, it is still VERY sharp.

ezy watermark_17-01-2020_02-02-29pm

And, you’re in luck! Kimberly has her 2nd Style Box up for sale right now through the 23rd… or until boxes are all sold. They will ship on the 24th of January. How amazing is that? They are all ready to go already. This was my first time ever buying a mystery box but I am so glad I did. Although I’m not sure I would have bought the Paisley or the Ivory fabrics on their own, I have already worn my tops with both fabrics multiple times! I’m liking that this box has brightened up my closet from my usual blacks and grays. πŸ™‚

ezy watermark_17-01-2020_05-22-16pm

Bow Button Fabrics
The Style Box Collection #2

As always, let me know if you have any questions or comments! Thanks for stopping by!


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