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A few posts back I mentioned that I am trying to sew through some of the patterns in my stash. The Pacific Pullover by Greenstyle Creations is one I have had since summer 2018, but have never sewn up. I was wanting a hoodie with two things: color blocking options and thumb hole cuffs. This pattern has both!

ezy watermark_14-01-2020_06-07-29pm

One of my goals for the new year is to mix and match fabrics to help use up scraps. That was my main goal for choosing a pattern with built in color blocking, besides just different colors for sleeves, cuffs, etc. The other goal of mine is to try new things. I had never made thumb hole cuffs before, but have always wanted to!

ezy watermark_14-01-2020_06-09-28pm

I love both stripes and solids, so I wanted to combine both of those into this hoodie. The Fabric Fairy is currently having a “Choose Your Own Adventure” Sew A Long, so this was a perfect time to use up some of my Fabric Fairy fabrics and join in on the sew a long! I tried two new to me fabrics for this hoodie and I really like them both!

ezy watermark_14-01-2020_06-12-22pm

The solid fabric is the Heathered Charcoal Bamboo Cotton Spandex Jersey. It’s soft, stretchy, and perfect for a hoodie. It’s heavier and a bit more structured than the bamboo lycra jersey, so great for coolor weather.

The striped fabric is the Heathered Charcoal and Ivory Stripes Rayon Lycra Jersey. This fabric is really nice! I wasn’t sure what to expect since it is rayon, but it is a medium weight fabric that is nice and soft with beautiful drape. The charcoal almost matches exactly with the solid-it’s great!

ezy watermark_14-01-2020_06-14-13pm

The Pacific Pullover was really fun to sew up. I had a hard time choosing options and fabric placement, since I normally don’t use multiple fabrics in the same item! Something I obviously need to do more of. 🙂 I finally opted to use the stripes on the front sides, sleeve backs, cuffs, the hood casing, and the drawstring. I used the solid heather charcoal for the front and back, main sleeves, and hood.

ezy watermark_14-01-2020_06-11-32pm

I decided to use the modification at the end of the pattern for the thumb hole cuffs. For this part, I used a triple stretch stitch on my sewing machine instead of my serger. This gave me a nice clean finish, with control so both cuffs are even. The process was much easier than I thought!

ezy watermark_14-01-2020_06-13-09pm

For the pocket, because everything needs pockets, right?, I decided to do the front pocket. The construction of this is so unique, and I used my sewing machine to get the neat corners on that part as well. I almost added the side panel pockets, also, but then thought that was maybe over doing it for a comfy hoodie.

ezy watermark_14-01-2020_06-08-45pm

I really like the hood casing on this pattern. The casing gives the front/inside edge of the hood a nice finish without using so much fabric for a fully lined hood. I was able to add a pop of stripes to the hood this way! I added grommets for the drawstring. Don’t do what I did; make sure to follow the pattern pieces for placement! Mine are a bit too far out for my liking.

Overall, I really liked this pattern. I can’t wait to sew up another in some other Fabric Fairy fabric in my stash! I’m also looking forward to sewing up a couple Pacific Pullover tanks this summer. 🙂 Added bonus-the pattern is on sale this month over at the Greenstyle website, no code needed!

ezy watermark_14-01-2020_06-10-09pm

Here is what I used:
Heathered Charcoal Bamboo Cotton Spandex Jersey
Heathered Charcoal and Ivory Stripes Rayon Lycra Jersey
Pacific Pullover

As always, let me know if you have any questions or comments! Thanks for stopping by!


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