Iron Jogger Shorts – by Greenstyle

When the Iron Joggers released last summer from Greenstyle Creations, I couldn’t wait to sew some up for my partner. But, a few months went by and I never got around to it. Fast forward to November when I was asking my brother what he wanted for Christmas and he asked for shorts. I sent him the link for the Iron Joggers and he said they were perfect. I finally bought the pattern and got sewing! He asked for simple no pocket shorts with both elastic and drawstring in the waistband. The pattern has multiple inseam cut lines for the shorts, and he opted for the 7″ length.

For the fabric, I decided to go with the Sew Dynamic black recycled polyester fabric. The fabric is made with Repreve Polyester, which is made from recycled bottles in Canada. I highly recommend checking out Sew Dynamic Fabrics if you are interested about learning more about recycled polyester fabrics! The weight of the Recycled Poly Fabric is just shy of 12oz, and has a great 4 way stretch. It is a soft black, more matte than shiny, and very smooth, yet soft. The drape is gorgeous! I can’t wait to make myself some tanks-or maybe a romper!-with it this spring. I used 2″ elastic and black twill tape for the drawstring.


I ended up giving him the shorts as his birthday present. He liked the shorts and requested another pair for his Christmas present. His only request was thinner elastic-an easy fix! I made him another pair exactly the same, except using a softer 1.5″ elastic.

ezy watermark_11-01-2020_07-58-17pm

For my partner, I ended up making him a pair that I previously wrote about here. For his, I used the Black Heathered Marl Poly Lycra Jersey Knit from The Fabric Fairy. He requested large pockets, and the pattern comes with a really nice sized pocket so I didn’t have to make any changes for that. He has had no complaints on the size! I made the 11″ inseam, the longest, for his. The length looks great on him. I used 2″ elastic and a drawstring on his pair and he says they are very comfortable. I believe him, too, because he wears them multiple times a week-I should probably make him more!

ezy watermark_11-01-2020_07-57-00pm

I wanted to make one more item for my brother for Christmas, so decided to make him a pair of shorts just like my partner’s with a pocket. I’ll report back to see what he thinks, since it isn’t something he requested! I used the same fabric from The Fabric Fairy, but used 1.5″ elastic again. I also cut the 9″ inseam for these. He requested 7″ on the others, and I figured 11″ is longer than he normally wears, so hopefully they are good! If not, I’ll have him send them back and shorten them-easy fix! Reporting back! He really likes them-yay!

ezy watermark_10-01-2020_09-21-42am

After making this pattern 4 times, I really like it. The construction is similar to the Brassie Joggers, which I’ve made a million times, so they sewed up quick for me. One of these days I’ll get around to making full length, but for now, these two both requested shorts so that’s what I made!

Here is what I used:
Iron Joggers
Black Heathered Marl Poly Lycra Jersey Knit from The Fabric Fairy
Recycled Poly Fabric from Sew Dynamic Fabrics

ezy watermark_23-12-2019_07-45-54pm

As always, let me know if you have any questions or comments! Thanks for stopping by!


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