Holiday Pajamas

Our family has a fun little tradition that has become quite popular in recent years. On Christmas Day, we wear matching pajamas. But, unlike many families that wear reds and greens, we choose pajamas that don’t necessarily are only pajamas and fabrics that will last all year long. This year, my partner requested a shirt with fabric from The Fabric Fairy, so that started the inspiration.

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The past couple of years I’ve done matching joggers and the same style of shirts. This year, I just decided to use patterns that I love and know that fit us all well. The only new pattern I used was for my husband’s bottoms.

For the fabric for the tops, we picked out bamboo lycra jersey from The Fabric Fairy. Because we are in winter and wanted long sleeve shirts, I opted for the heavier weight at 10.9oz per yard. The color we chose was November Skies. The color is gorgeous. Sort of a grey, sort of a blue. My partner really liked it when the order came, so I knew I was on the right track for a top he’d wear routinely.

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For the bottoms, I wanted an athletic fabric that would look good lounging around the house or while we’re out and about. I landed on the Black Heathered Marl Poly Lycra Jersey Knit from The Fabric Fairy. This is a great medium weight fabric that will be great in our Arizona winters. The fabric is very soft and stretchy-so very comfortable for the whole family!

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For my partners top, I went with my trusted Hudson Pullover from Greenstyle Creations. I have made him SO many of these and he lives in his hoodies of this style, but asked for a regular top without for this project. I made him a large with a broad shoulder adjustment. I hemmed the bottom and added cuffs to the arms-his preferred style of long sleeve tops.

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My partner requested shorts this year, as his are getting pretty worn out. I decided to try out the Iron Joggers from Greenstyle Creations. This was the only new to me pattern for these sets. I made a large and chose the longest cut line for the shorts. I added both the elastic and drawstring to these. I’m glad he requested shorts, because I always prefer trying new pants patterns with shorts so I use less fabric just in case the fit needs a bit of tweaking. I used twill tape from Joann for the drawstring.

For my top, I used the free Green Tee from Greenstyle Creations. I love this top for basic tees, but had never made a long sleeved version. I printed out the sleeves and added cuffs to this one. I prefer cuffs on my long sleeves, also.

ezy watermark_23-12-2019_07-48-23pm

For my bottoms, I went with my favorite jogger pattern, the Brassie Joggers by Greenstyle Creations. I made a small and added just a bit of length. I used drawstring made in the same fabric for this one and no elastic, as that’s my preference. This was my first pair of joggers that I used reverse coverstitching, and I love the look!

For the kiddo’s top, I used the 11th Hour shirt from New Horizon Designs. The top comes in a bundle and it’s my new basic go to tee for my three year old. I also like to use cuffs for his tops, because if the sleeves are slightly too long, the cuffs keep them in the right spot. I usually make sure the sleeves have plenty of length to last growth spurts! I made him a straight 3T.

ezy watermark_23-12-2019_07-46-53pm

For my son’s bottoms, I used the 11th Hour Joggers by New Horizon Designs, which is in the same bundle as the top. I really like these joggers and the only modification I do is to skip the bottom pocket piece and topstitch the pocket into place, similar to how the Brassie and Iron Joggers are constructed. I made a straight 3T. I also decided to do the decorative reverse coverstitching on these. 🙂

Our pajama tradition has varied year to year, but I think we’ve settled on waking up and putting on or matching sets and wearing them all day long. We spend Christmas at home with just us, playing, cooking, and eating all day long. I absolutely love this tradition. We usually make yummy vegetarian chili for lunch and eat it all day long-with cinnamon rolls as well!

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This year, I’ve rolled up the pajama sets and plan to stick them in our stockings again like last year. That seemed to work well and it was fun seeing my son’s face last year as he discovered we all had matching clothes!

Here is what I used:
November Skies Bamboo Lycra Jersey
Black Heathered Marl Poly Lycra Jersey Knit

Hudson Pullover
Green Tee
Iron Joggers
Brassie Joggers
11th Hour Gear Set

What fun holiday traditions do you do? Any matching pajama sets for you and your friends or family? Be sure to let me know in the comments below! Also, grab the Iron Joggers, Brassie Joggers, and Hudson Pullover, as they are all on sale this month!

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As always, let me know if you have any questions or comments! Thanks for stopping by!


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