One Button Cardigan

I’m back to tell you all about the latest cardigan pattern I’ve sewn: The One Button Cardigan by Greenstyle Creations. I’ve been drawn to this pattern in the past because of the unique shape in the front of the cardigan. The one button crossover closure is so unique!

ezy watermark_26-11-2019_01-06-33pm

For me, though, I opted not to sew on the button. Mainly because I’m lazy, but I like to think it’s because our winters here in Arizona aren’t that cold so I don’t need the built in extra coziness/warmness of the button closure. šŸ™‚ Searching the Greenstyle Facebook Page, I’ve noticed that it’s pretty common to leave off the button closure!

ezy watermark_26-11-2019_01-05-34pm

I made a straight small in this pattern, sewing the longer length. I’m 5’8″ and the long length hits at a great spot. I’ve been sewing longer cardigans this year, and needed to mix things up! I also used the angled cut line so the front wasn’t so full.

ezy watermark_26-11-2019_02-07-12pm

The construction for the neck is really interesting. It is sewn closed right sides out and then pulled through for closed seams. There is no neckband or hemming behind the neck!

ezy watermark_26-11-2019_01-03-43pm

The pattern includes pockets as well. I have mine cut and the top part hemmed down… I just haven’t sewn them on the cardigan yet. I didn’t want to get my iron out and then I forgot about it! I’ll add it to my list of things to sew next time my black thread is on my machine.

ezy watermark_26-11-2019_02-05-31pm

I have no idea where this fabric came from, but it’s pretty comfortable. It is a lightweight sweater knit that is smooth against the skin. The reason I chose this fabric is because I wanted a fabric that looked close to the same on both sides. Since the front of the cardigan shows both sides of the fabric, I wanted to make sure it would look ok and not show an obvious backside.

ezy watermark_26-11-2019_01-04-39pm

This is a great looking cardigan, and I may at some point install a button, but for now I like leaving it open! Which way would you prefer to wear your One Button Cardigan? Don’t forget to grab the pattern-on sale this month on the Greenstyle website, no code needed! It looks great paired with a Staple Tank, also on sale this month!

ezy watermark_26-11-2019_02-08-06pm

One Button Cardigan

As always, let me know if you have any questions or comments! Thanks for stopping by!


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