New Release – Tempo Tights!

I’m sure you’ve all seen the Tempo Tights from Greenstyle Creations floating around by now-if not you will love them. I did not have the opportunity to test these beauties, but purchased the pattern as soon as it released! I had been waiting for these tights since the first sneak that Angie from Greenstyle leaked.

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The color blocking on these tights is really cool-and flattering. The curves are unique and also adds the opportunity for great scrap busting! The other great thing about this pattern is that it is already drafted for petite, standard, and tall heights. I am 5’8″, which is 1″ taller than the standard drafting of Greenstyle. This is one of the reason this company’s patterns fit me so well; less grading for me.

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I spent probably an hour trying to decide which fabrics to use. I was going to use a bunch of scraps up, but at the last minute ended up cutting into two new 2 yard cuts of Flight Supplex from Greenstyle. I did use some scraps up for the inside of the waistband, though. Unfortunately, the side piece does need slightly more than 1 yard of fabric for the height. But, I’m used to this for any full length pants/tights anyway.

ezy watermark_24-11-2019_12-19-29pm

The Flight Supplex is great! I had been staying away from supplex lately because the company I had been using was much more compressive than I needed/preferred. At this point in my life, I’m more about comfort! The flight supplex has an easy 75% four way stretch-which is much more comfortable to me than supplex with less stretch. It is 320gsm, so still heavy, making it “squat proof”, but with the stretch content it feels much less compressive. 🙂 I used the Kelly Green and Charcoal Grey for these.

ezy watermark_24-11-2019_12-20-59pm

My inseam is almost 30″, which the standard version is drafted for an inseam of 29″. I ended up adding half an inch at the lengthen line which falls close to the knee. This adjustment worked really well for me, and they aren’t pulling down to fit my thighs or calves.

ezy watermark_24-11-2019_12-21-31pm

I measured into a size E except for my hip. My hip is 39″, which is the bottom end of the size F. Because I knew I was using fabric with plenty of stretch, and with the suggestion from Angie, I opted to cut a straight E, and take a 1/4″ seam allowance around the hip areas. For reference, Greenstyle uses a 3/8″ seam allowance. I prefer a 3/8″ seam allowance for this exact reason! It’s easy to take a smaller (or larger inseam) at this measurement, but for patterns with a 1/4″ seam allowance this isn’t really possible.


ezy watermark_24-11-2019_12-25-19pm

The fit is great! I definitely don’t feel squeezed in around my butt and my seams are not pulling apart. I opted to not topstitch on this pair for two reasons. The first was time-I really wanted to get these Tempos sewn up! The second reason was because I knew this was my first version, and I didn’t want to spend all that time if they didn’t fit quite right. I did make sure to reinforce the front and back hip seams from the inside, though.

ezy watermark_24-11-2019_12-20-02pm

I also opted to make the heart shaped back. I love the subtleness of the shaping when you use the same color for the back and waistband.

I chose to make the ultra high rise and ultra high waistband. The ultra high height helps with my slightly taller than drafted frame. The top of the waistband hits right at my belly button. I did not use elastic in these, and so far they have not budged. Full disclosure, I’ve done lots of walking, some jumping jacks, abs, etc. and they’ve stayed put. I will come back and update this post after I take them out for a jog!

ezy watermark_24-11-2019_12-18-54pm

Oh, I almost forgot! These tights come with an option for side pockets, which I always put in. They are HUGE. When I put my hand in straight, the pocket goes up past my wrist. 🙂 Perfect for phones, rotary cutters, snacks, your kid’s rocks he finds…

ezy watermark_24-11-2019_12-18-20pm

I paired these with a cropped Studio to Street that I wrote about here. The white looks so good with these colors. Plus, the cropped version of the Studio to Street paired with the ultra high waistband means my body is still covered, but a cute look!

Don’t forget to grab the Tempo Tights while they are on sale through Monday! They will not be included in the Black Friday sales. I’m sure Greenstyle has some great sales for next weekend, though!

Charcoal Grey Flight Supplex
Kelly Green Flight Supplex
Tempo Tights

As always, let me know if you have any questions or comments! Thanks for stopping by!


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