In the Desert, I wear Cactus Skirts

One of my very first me made items was a pencil skirt with a cactus double brushed polyester fabric. I wore it quite a bit, but now have come to find patterns and fabrics that fit me better! When I saw this gorgeous Payson Fabric at Amelia Lane Designs, I HAD to have it!

ezy watermark_22-11-2019_09-58-53am

I ordered it way back in the beginning of summer, having no idea what I wanted to make. First, I was thinking leggings. Then, I wanted a bomber jacket. I finally settled on a skirt and I am so glad I did! This is something that I can wear pretty much all year round here in Arizona, unlike a jacket or full length leggings.

ezy watermark_22-11-2019_09-59-25am

The fabric is smooth and cool to the touch. It is a polyester spandex blend, and feels similar to the yoga fabrics I’ve gotten at other shops. I have learned that I really like making dressy clothes with this type of fabric!

ezy watermark_22-11-2019_10-03-02am

For the pattern, I started with the Ellie and Mac Trendsetter Skirt. Instead of the high low hem, I cut the length straight across from the highest point in the front of the skirt. When sewing high low hems, I prefer to use fabrics that are the same-or similar-on both sides, so the wrong side of the fabric doesn’t show from the front.

ezy watermark_22-11-2019_09-57-51am

I of course used the pockets that came with the pattern and did not modify the waistband at all.

ezy watermark_22-11-2019_09-58-24am

I have the skirt paired here with a Tulip Tee by Patterns for Pirates. I used white Rayon Spandex from Phee Fabrics, but did not have a ton left on hand. The dolman style was a great way to get “sleeves” on this top without cutting extra pieces. I also did not have enough fabric for the length to go to my hips, so this top will be stuck worn (and tucked in) with high waisted skirts. Because of this, I left the bottom band unhemmed to not create extra bulk.

ezy watermark_22-11-2019_10-01-54am

I love being able to wear a skirt with plant life from here in the Sonoran Desert! Amelia Lane Designs is located in Phoenix, so it’s nice being able order somewhat locally, as well. There is still some Payson left in stock, too!

ezy watermark_22-11-2019_10-00-43am

Payson Fabric
Amelia Lane Designs
Trendsetter Skirt

Fun Fact: This is my 100th blog post!!

As always, let me know if you have any questions or comments! Thanks for stopping by!


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