Waffle Knit!

Waffle knit is all the rage this season. Bow Button Fabrics has a great variety and their waffle knit is very soft with 4 way stretch. When I received this gorgeous Emerald in the mail, I could NOT decide what to make with it. I first wanted a cardigan, then a fitted long sleeved tee, then I finally decided on a loose fitting top with a deep V neck.

ezy watermark_18-11-2019_02-50-56pm

I came back to the Studio to Street Top by Greenstyle Creations. I have made a few of these previously, but I either made the hooded version, or the crew neck front with deep v back. The pattern has a front V neck option that I had been wanting to try and new this was a great opportunity.

ezy watermark_18-11-2019_02-48-43pm

I love the loose fit of this dolman top. The V neck version went together easily. I made sure to do lots of basting along the V before sewing the neckline on. This is especially helpful on a less structured knit like waffle knit. When serging the neckband, I made sure to start at the front of the V and ending on the opposite side of the V. This helps keep the V at a nice point.

ezy watermark_18-11-2019_02-51-40pm

I chose to do the wide banded hem, but instead of the split side band, I made it a solid closed band. I like how the band is so wide because it sets it apart from other patterns.

ezy watermark_18-11-2019_02-54-18pm

One thing that keeps pulling me back to this pattern is the fitted arms. It is a nice balance to the looser fit of the top. I decided to add longer sleeve cuffs to this top.

ezy watermark_18-11-2019_02-49-32pm

Isn’t the color of this fabric gorgeous? When I go away from my normals greys and blacks, I often choose blues. I am so glad I chose this emerald color. It is such a rich, bold color! Plus, the fabric is very soft!

ezy watermark_18-11-2019_02-52-28pm

This sweater is perfect for fall, winter, and the holidays! It is so comfy, and looks great with jeans and boots. I also have plans to dress it up for work (although we’re pretty casual at work)!

Are there any favorite patterns out there of yours? The Studio to Street is definitely one of mine, and all of mine look completely different! One of my favorite parts of a pattern is all the included options to stretch the pattern further in your closet. 🙂

Bow Button Fabrics
Emerald Waffle Knit
Studio to Street Top

As always, let me know if you have any questions or comments! Thanks for stopping by!


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