Trying New Patterns

As I mentioned in a previous post, I’ve been trying to sew up some of my pattern stash. I have a love of dolmans, and found that I had the Slim Dolman by Halla Patterns on hand. I quickly printed it out and checked to see which fabric I had on hand.

As I’ve mentioned before, I really like the bamboo lycra jersey from The Fabric Fairy. One their their newer colors is Rhapsody. This one is a great weight at 11oz. It is heavier than some of the other colors that I wrote about here, so great for the cooler months.

ezy watermark_18-11-2019_09-19-21am

The dolman shoulder on this pattern hits about halfway down my upper arm, lower than other patterns I have tried. The top is a slimmer fit than other dolmans I have, and I would consider it a semi-fitted top.

ezy watermark_18-11-2019_09-19-40am

The sleeves aren’t super fitted either, which adds to the comfiness of this top. I added cuffs to the sleeves for casual look. I think this would look great in a nice sweater knit, also!

ezy watermark_18-11-2019_09-27-37am

I also ordered another new fabric recently, also from The Fabric Fairy. It it the Onyx Striped Marl Poly Lycra Jersey. I had ordered 1.5 yards (I love that I can get half yards from here!), not sure if I wanted to make a cardigan or something else. When I got the fabric in, I immediately wanted some comfy leggings! Although, I am debating ordering more for a cardigan or pullover! The detail in the stripes is really cool, plus the fabric is really soft!

ezy watermark_18-11-2019_09-27-10am

I didn’t want a pattern with a bunch of compression, and I also didn’t want the side pocket stripe that adds a touch of busyness to patterns. I decided to sew up some Inspires from Greenstyle Creations. I had only made one pair previously, and jumped right into the Moto hack. This time I wanted the normal, plain version (kind of). I made a size medium. I really like the simple diamond gusset on this pattern.

ezy watermark_18-11-2019_09-21-11am

I knew I needed a pocket (part of the reason I haven’t used this pattern more!), so decided to try the Brassie Joggers pockets on the inspires that others have done. I really like this option on the inspires! This version may be creeping to the top of my favorite basic leggings list! The hack is really easy, and they also don’t feel bulky. With a tunic and matching thread, the pockets can’t be seen, either!

ezy watermark_18-11-2019_09-21-46am

I also wanted to try the new Contour Waistband that Greenstyle released. The waistband is free, and should fit on any leggings pattern! I chose the size E, as I measure at the high end of the size. Unfortunately, this fabric is pretty stretchy, so I need to go back in and either add some powernet or elastic in. They work great, but after an hour of walking around I did need to adjust them. This is definitely because of the fabric, because I have another pair with this waistband that doesn’t budge!

ezy watermark_18-11-2019_09-22-33am

With my leftovers of the onyx fabric, I decided to make my kiddo some joggers. I used the joggers from the 11th Hour Gear Pattern by New Horizons Design. I have had this pattern for a long time, but recently just made them. These joggers are sneaking up to my favorite! I modified them slightly by adding a drawstring and omitting the front pocket layer and topstitching the back pocket piece to the front of the legs (similar to the Brassie pockets). It’s a tiny bit quicker; plus this fabric hides the topstitching pretty well.

ezy watermark_18-11-2019_09-23-18am

He is wearing a Greenstyle Slope Tank out of the Sage Bamboo Lycra Jersey Knit from The Fabric Fairy that I wrote about here.

I also made him some joggers out of my leftover Malbec Dry-Flex Ubersoft Poly Lycra Jersey knit by The Fabric Fairy. I am trying to use up my fabric quicker, and using my extras for the little is really nice! Who says moms can’t match their sons?? What do you use your scraps for?

ezy watermark_18-11-2019_09-26-03am

Here is what I used:

Rhapsody Bamboo Lycra Jersey
Onyx Striped Marl Poly Lycra Jersey
Sage Bamboo Lycra Jersey Knit
Dry-Flex Ubersoft Poly Lycra Jersey
Slim Dolman
Inspire Tights
Free Contour Waistband
Brassie Joggers
11th Hour Gear
Slope Tank

As always, let me know if you have any questions or comments! Thanks for stopping by!


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