More Fall Sewing

I am the type of person who does not like to buy or make things that I will only use/wear once or once in awhile. The exceptions are rare occasions like a big wedding (did I mention my brother just got married!!). So, when I plan items to make, I make sure I can get lots of use out of them.

That is how this sweater was born. I wanted a semi-fitted dolman top with long sleeves. I had a gorgeous new Soft Concrete French Terry that Boho Fabrics just got in and I knew I wanted to be able to wear it multiple ways. I began scouring Pinterest for ideas. I first wanted a basic crew neck sweatshirt, but then last minute decided against that.

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I am trying hard to sew through my pattern stash and have had the (free) Tulip Tee from Patterns for Pirates since the release. I have only made short sleeved versions, though. I also have only made the plain front + plain back version. I’m not a huge fan of tulip openings on my frame.

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I pulled up the pattern, and started looking to see if I thought the pattern would work in French Terry. The pattern calls for light to mid-weight fabric, and I knew this French Terry was just a tad over mid-weight. Although the pattern doesn’t specify the fabric needs four way stretch, I made one last winter that only had two way and it was a bit snug in the armpits. This fabric has nice vertical stretch that holds it’s shape well so I knew it would work for the Tulip.

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I opted to do the included slight curved hem from the pattern. Although the pattern has a banded hem option, I decided against it. I opted to hem the long sleeves. They hit right at my wrist, and I may go back and add cuffs. The length is great, but with our weather still in the 70s I’ve been wearing my sleeves scrunched up a bit. When the cold weather hits I will want longer sleeves! Plus, I think cuffs on this look will look cute.

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I really like dolman tops. I think part of it is I have a hard time fitting shoulders and sleeves well on my frame. Another part is I like the simplicity of short sleeved dolmans and not needing to cut a sleeve piece. ๐Ÿ™‚ This pattern has a nice placement where the sleeve attaches-it is fairly high up on the upper arm.

ezy watermark_10-11-2019_12-26-43pm

This fabric is so cute and perfect for all genders. I made a little pullover for my son with the New Horizon Designs 11th Hour Gear Top. More to come on this new favorite pattern of mine soon (the pattern is definitely not new!). He hasn’t worn it yet, though. I’m finding that new items I make usually sit in his drawer for two weeks before he wants to wear it. The scenario usually goes like this: “Mom, I love this shirt/pants/etc. It’s the coolest! It’s my FAVORITE, mom. I wear it today?”. When I first show him it’s more like this: “You made that for me? I like it! But I don’t.” as he throws it. Three is such a fun age. ๐Ÿ™‚

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I’m wearing this top today and it has been so comfy all day long. Perfect to wear with boots and jeans to my casual work environment, but also perfect with leggings for running errands! Yes, I remembered to link back to the beginning where I talk about pieces I can wear a lot!

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Here is what I used:
Tulip Tee
Concrete French Terry
Boho Referral link for your first purchase!

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As always, let me know if you have any questions or comments! Thanks for stopping by!


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