Sewing for the End of the Warm Weather

Here in Arizona, we’re still hitting the low-mid 80’s in the afternoon, but the mornings are chilly, around 60 degrees. I wanted to make another comfy casual outfit to last through the beginning of our warm fall. I am on a mission to sew up some patterns in my stash that I’ve never printed and sewn before so one of my makes is a new to me pattern!

ezy watermark_09-11-2019_06-25-05pm

I found the Free Spirit Tank by Patterns for Pirates when I was searching through my patterns. I think this was one of my first pattern purchases and I’m embarrassed to say I never made it! To be fair, at the time (about 2.5 years ago) I was still mainly sewing for just my son.

ezy watermark_09-11-2019_06-25-47pm

The Free Spirit Tank has both racerback and full back options. I went with the full back since I have quite a few racerback tanks already sewn up. The neckline and arms are finished with bands. I personally think the neckline is very flattering, which is probably one of the reasons this tank is so loved!

ezy watermark_09-11-2019_06-26-28pm

I went with the side dipped hem, because I don’t have any hemlines like that in my closet. I actually end up wearing it tied to one side most of the time, though! I went with the tank length, lengthening slightly for my height.

ezy watermark_09-11-2019_06-28-50pm

I used some super comfortable 250 gsm Rayon Modal from Pretty Posh Prints. This fabric is really great, and I can’t wait to get my hands on more in another color. Speaking of color, the color is bold and very well saturated into the fabric.

For the bottoms, I had some of the Linen Look fabric from Blended Thread Fabrics in an athletic knit. The grey is sold out, but there are a few other colors still available! I was planning on making Inspires, but at the last minute switched to sewing Brassie Joggers by Greenstyle Creations (not new, and definitely a well-loved pattern of mine). I opted for full length since I knew cooler weather would (hopefully) be coming soon.

ezy watermark_09-11-2019_06-28-21pm

I made a size small, even though my hips fit into a medium. I am at the smallest measurement of the medium, so I always size down to accommodate for very stretchy fabric. I still have plenty of room in the leg of these.

ezy watermark_09-11-2019_06-27-46pm

I omitted the drawstring for a cleaner look for when “dressed up”. I took in the waistband just a touch since I wouldn’t have the drawstring to help keep the pants up.

I’m glad I finally took the leap on sewing up a Free Spirit Tank. I’m eager to trying out some of the other lengths and hemlines. My favorites are high/low hems, so that may be the first up. These Brassie’s have been in heavy rotation the last month and I’m glad I tried the athletic knit from Blended Thread!

ezy watermark_09-11-2019_06-29-46pm

Here’s what I used:
Free Spirit Tank
Pretty Posh Prints (referral link if you’ve never ordered from them before!)
Brassie Joggers
Blended Thread Fabrics

As always, let me know if you have any questions or comments! Thanks for stopping by!


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