The First Cardigan of the Season

Last summer, my mom gave me a long sweater that didn’t quite fit her right, and I wore it ALL. THE. TIME. So, I figured I needed another for this winter. I knew exactly what pattern I was going to sew up, too. I had snatched up the Sunday Cardigan by Greenstyle Creations this summer in anticipation of fall sewing and just now got around to sewing it up. To be fair, our afternoons still hit the 80’s, so I’m not too late!

I had been waiting for the perfect fabric, but knew I wanted a black sweater knit with some texture. When I had the opportunity to sew up this Brushed Ribbed Knit from Boho Fabrics, I knew it would be perfect for this project. This will be stocking on October 22nd-but you’re going to love all the new stockings!


I made a size small, knee length, no modifications and no side slit. I did not grade between sizes or lengthen like I usually do, since this is a cardigan and the way it is worn has flexibility. I knew grading for hips wouldn’t be important since I did not use any buttons or do not have plans on wearing it closed-except maybe with a belt!


The pattern was easy to follow, like all Greenstyle patterns. I opted for no cuffs. I knew this fabric didn’t have the best recovery, and I dislike stretched out cuffs. The hemming on the sleeves worked great, though! I wore it all day today, and pushed up to my forearms it held it’s shape and stayed great.

IMG_3196.JPGI love the pockets on this cardigan. Depending on the fabric, they are not super noticeable, which I like in basic cardigans. I also am loving the length! I wore it with a dress that went just past the end of the cardigan and think it looked great. It also wears well with jeans, as pictured.


I will definitely be making up another version this winter. I know I get pretty cold in January and February, so may make another knee length! Maybe in a grey sweater knit like this Grey Cable Knit. It would be SO cozy.


This black brushed ribbed fabric is so pretty. It has slight speckles of white/grey mixed in to break up the solid black. It is not incredibly soft like some sweater knits, but will be great for layering during the coldest months. The dress I wore today was racerback, and I was still so comfy with this sweater all day.

I’m not sure why I always shy away from sewing cardigans. This one was very simple and straight forward. There are no bands, so there were only seven pieces: two pockets, two fronts, two arms, and a back! It was a fairly quick sew, even though it is a long cardigan. I will definitely be making more to last through the winter that are work appropriate. 🙂

Here is what I used:
Boho Fabrics (referral link for 10% off your first order!)
Brushed Ribbed Knit (I’ll update when the listing is live)
Sunday Cardigan

As always, let me know if you have any questions or comments! Thanks for stopping by!


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