Open Back Pullover

This pattern has been on my sew list for a LONG time. With the weather finally cooling off in the early mornings, I wanted something to wear for the transitioning seasons. The Open Back Pullover from Greenstyle Creations was perfect.

ezy watermark_13-10-2019_03-00-51pm

I had a really tough time deciding on fabrics to use. I had just received some of the Luxe Nylon Spandex fabric from Greenstyle Creations and was blown away by how soft the fabric is. I was planning on sewing up leggings, but loved the colors and opted for a pullover! I only had one yard of the luxe, so knew I would need to pair it with a solid.

ezy watermark_13-10-2019_02-56-12pm

I also had a yard of the Fine Lines in Aqua Blue and wanted to make a tank with it. I opted to try out the Open Back Pullover with the tank options. This fabric is really cool. The thin lines in between are somewhat transparent and show through to whatever is behind. The recovery is great, and my arm bands came out a bit snug. I have plans to redo them at some point, but they work great for now!

ezy watermark_13-10-2019_02-55-29pm

The fit is straight and not form fitting. The front is a bit more coverage than I prefer in a tank, but I absolutely love the back cut out. This is the lower cut line, and I love how it shows those fun Power Sports Bras that I’ve been sewing!

ezy watermark_13-10-2019_02-55-52pm

Once I tested the fit with the tank, I knew I was ready to cut into my Luxe fabric and make an Open Back Hoodie. I had some leftover 265 Athletic Brushed Polyester from Bow Button Fabrics and liked how the Luxe looked with the black.

ezy watermark_13-10-2019_02-57-35pm

I also have had something else on my sewing list for a long time-reverse coverstitching! I decided this was the project that I was going to start on. 🙂 I hadn’t used three needles in my machine in quite some time, but after a few practice runs I was ready to go!

ezy watermark_13-10-2019_02-56-39pm

It took me awhile to decide where I wanted the print and where I wanted the plain black fabric. I decided I wanted the print on the sleeves and hood, as well as the upper back piece. I ended up colorblocking the front to imitate the back. I tried to choose a spot that was similar in height to the back, but also would look flattering on the front.

ezy watermark_13-10-2019_02-57-06pm

I love the look of this hoodie! I also added a drawstring, because I prefer my hoods to always have a drawstring!

ezy watermark_13-10-2019_03-00-29pm

I will definitely get lots of wear out of this Open Back Pullover. Both fabrics are so comfortable! The black is a decent weight, perfect for those chilly mornings. I am so glad I thought outside of leggings when wanting to sew up this Luxe! It does look great with plain Super G Tights! I think I might make a closed back version next to last through winter, the loose fit of this Pullover is SO comfy!

I had just a tiny bit of the luxe fabric left, and decided to sew up a matching Power Bra. I used my quick hack that I wrote about here, mainly because I only had enough fabric for two straps and I really wanted to keep the bra with only the luxe fabric showing. I had to use plain black as the lining.


What I used:
Bright Abstract Luxe Nylon Spandex
Aqua Blue Fine Lines fabric
Open Back Pullover
Power Sports Bra

As always, let me know if you have any questions or comments! Thanks for stopping by. 🙂


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