It’s a Pirate’s Life for the Little

The Little has been very interested in pirates and ships lately and has requested to be a pirate for Halloween. I’m still not sure he completely understands what Halloween is, but he keeps saying he’s getting ready for the Halloween party. With him being 3, I wanted to include him in this big day.

I asked the Little what he wants to dress as for Halloween, and he has continually said a pirate. We’ve looked at pirate images online to get ideas of what to wear, but ultimately he said he needed “red pirate pants and a white pirate shirt… with a big pirate sword.”


So far, I’m pretty practical with my makes and make sure to sew what we’ll wear more than once, unless it’s a special occasion. So, I wanted one, if not both items, to be able to be worn again. I began searching Ellie and Mac’s website for ideas.

I knew I wanted slim fitting knit pants, and found the Fly Pants. I didn’t want the pocket for these, and found that these pants can be made without, making super quick slim fitting pants! They were perfect for the Little’s “red pirate pants”. I used some Cotton Lycra I had on hand.


Next, I wasn’t sure what to do for a top. I began looking at pirate images online, and decided on a top that laced up. I searched through the kid’s shirt patterns and landed on the Pocket Henley Top. I knew I’d just need to swap out the buttons for grommets and I’d achieve the look I’d want. I wanted a fabric with lots of drape so chose to use Rayon Spandex from Phee Fabrics.


The placket was a bit thick for the grommets I had, so I had to be extra careful when placing them on the shirt. Another thing I did was to take the extra step to add wonder tape to the edges of the pocket–this was amazing and I cannot believe I hadn’t done this before! I often find myself thinking, “I bet this would be easier if I used wonder tape”… and then never do. Game changer!

IMG_3010The sash I used is mine from my South Shore Romper that I wrote about here. It’s a bit long, but works when wrapped twice! The telescope is a kaleidoscope from my aunt and uncle and the treasure chest filled with pirate booty was a birthday gift from my partner’s grandparents! The hat… was a $1 find from our local grocery store. It may or may not be for dogs with holes for ears. 🙂 I had everything on hand so the only thing purchased was the hat! Although, I’m sure we’ll give in and buy him a pirate sword at the local Halloween shop once we get closer to the big day.


Here’s what I used:
Fly Pants Pattern
Pocket Henley Top
Phee Fabrics

As always, let me know if you have any questions or comments! Thanks for stopping by. 🙂


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