Sewing Myself a Jacket

Last winter I made my kiddo a jacket (that post is here), and was determined to make one for myself this year. I’ve been thinking about it for months, and knew I wanted to try making the Midway Bomber Jacket by Greenstyle Creations. The pattern is on sale this month, so what a great time to sew it up!

ezy watermark_26-09-2019_05-28-03pmI was set on using a floral print up until cutting. For some reason, I could NOT commit on which fabric to use! So, I searched through my fabrics and really wanted to sew up a jacket in this Fern Yoga Knit from The Styled Magnolia… but I only had one yard. I kept searching, but ultimately came back to the Fern Yoga Knit. I knew I would get a lot of use out of a solid colored Midway Jacket

ezy watermark_26-09-2019_05-24-21pm

I was determined to make it work and knew I would be making a straight medium for a looser fit. Because it was a solid color, I folded the fabric in half and played with pattern piece placement. If I placed the sleeve pieces sideways, it would work. I knew the fabric had more than enough stretch in both directions for the pattern (it only calls for 25% 2 way stretch), so I got cutting!

ezy watermark_26-09-2019_05-20-24pm

For the waistband, collar, and sleeve cuffs, I used a rib knit from The Fabric Fairy. A friend had recently used the same on her Midway and said it worked great-she was right! When I ordered, I decided on a half yard of black to coordinate with the floral print-but love it with this green, too!

ezy watermark_26-09-2019_05-26-43pm

After cutting all the pieces, I started on construction. I followed the videos provided in the tutorial closely, as I had never sewn welt pockets. Y’all… I had shied away from buying other patterns (mainly pants and shorts) because I was terrified of welt pockets. The video Angie, the designer behind Greenstyle, made was incredibly easy to follow. If you’re nervous like I was… watch the video!!! I made sure to triple check the pieces I was using and right and wrong side of fabric so I didn’t make any mistakes. The process was a bit time consuming, but I’m sure next time will go much faster! And there WILL be a next time for welt pockets!

ezy watermark_26-09-2019_05-23-44pm

I second guessed myself when I was attaching the sleeves to the bodice. The sleeves are set in the round, and I’m definitely used to sewing sleeves on flat. I had to double (probably triple) check the tutorial for this part, but once I had one down, I was good.

ezy watermark_26-09-2019_05-18-08pm

Next came the waistband. I was all set to sew it up when at the last minute I decided I wanted to line the jacket. I searched through my fabrics, and settled on the same fabric I had used in my son’s jacket last year. It is a Bamboo/Cotton Blend French Terry from Boho Fabrics. It is SO soft. I prefer it for lining fabrics, because the outer (or what I think is the main side) is what is so soft. It’s completely different from any other French Terry’s I’ve tried. I quickly cut the bodice and sleeve pieces out of the lining fabric and sewed them up.

ezy watermark_26-09-2019_05-22-51pm

I then moved onto the zipper construction. I got my zipper at Zipper Stop in the sign indicated in the patter. This part is a bit tricky with the lining, just because you want to make sure everything is lined up perfectly. I made sure to use interfacing on the main fabric… especially since my fabric is so stretchy. Some tips for the zipper… use wonder tape if you’re worried about things slipping. I ended up not (because I forgot), but with the interfacing and pins mine didn’t slip. I made sure to line up the zippers on the bottom so that the bottom cuff would hit the zipper at the same spot.

ezy watermark_26-09-2019_05-20-24pm

When the zipper was sewn in, I folded the top extra portion of the zipper down and then over at a 45 degree angle. I sewed this down with my sewing machine. This helps so that the thick zipper part doesn’t get caught up with the collar and create bulk where bulk is not wanted! The photo below shows the stitches at 45 degrees. Don’t mind all the extra threads-I went a little wild with basting. 🙂

ezy watermark_26-09-2019_07-16-24pm

Once I got the zipper sewn to the main fabric, I was able to sew on the collar. I ended up sewing it on with my sewing machine. I made sure to check placement with the zipper from the right side. I redid one side because I wasn’t quite satisfied!

Next, I moved onto sewing the lining. I followed the instructions as is. TIP: Make sure to use interfacing on your lining fabric, too! This made sure the lining didn’t stretch and I didn’t end up with bunched up fabric along the zipper.

ezy watermark_26-09-2019_05-17-15pm

The last step I did was topstitch. I had so much fun with this make and cannot wait to make another! This lining made this one super warm, so I need one that’s not quite as heavy. Now that I figured out some of the kinks, I think my next one will go quicker. I might end up cutting into that floral after all…

ezy watermark_26-09-2019_05-25-33pm

You can find everything I used here:
Midway Bomber Jacket
Fern Yoga Knit
Black Rib Knit
Grey Bamboo/Cotton French Terry

ezy watermark_26-09-2019_05-18-58pm

As always, let me know if you have any questions or comments! Thanks for stopping by. 🙂


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