EM Paperbag Skirt

I can’t be the only one loving the paperbag style floating around lately, can I? I originally was loving the shorts… but after trying a couple of patterns I wasn’t loving them. They made my butt look LONG and FLAT. So, I kind of gave up on the paperbag look… until Ellie and Mac released the Paperbag SKIRT!

ezy watermark_17-09-2019_03-02-36pm

I remember looking at the skirts that kept popping up all over my Facebook newsfeed and really liking the look. Because there is no inseam like in shorts, they all looked flattering. So, I decided to sew one up!

ezy watermark_17-09-2019_03-00-25pm

I had some linen left over from making a pair of shorts and loved the bright yellow color. I picked this up at Joann last spring during a sale. Although, I never buy fabric there without a coupon! Anyway, it was perfect for this project.

ezy watermark_17-09-2019_03-04-09pm

I had trouble deciding on a length, so I opted for the longest length, knowing I could always cut it shorter. I also knew I wouldn’t have enough fabric leftover for any other projects, so didn’t mind using this “method”. I sewed up a straight medium.

ezy watermark_17-09-2019_02-58-44pm

I used a combination of my serger and sewing machine for these. Any construction seams were made on my serger, but all topstitching was done on my sewing machine with a straight stitch. I needed a project to help me be on speaking terms with my sewing machine again, so this was much needed!

ezy watermark_17-09-2019_02-59-48pm

The construction was very clear and straightforward. I like how the waistband construction was completed prior to sewing to the body of the skirt! The most time consuming step was sewing on the belt loops I think.

ezy watermark_17-09-2019_02-59-19pm

While making the skirt, I was a little worried about the fit. I thought the body of the skirt was going to be too big… I’m really glad I trusted the drafting on this one, though. The fit is great and I think anything slimmer would not look as good!

ezy watermark_17-09-2019_02-58-10pm

Overall, I like the pattern. I think the Paperbag Skirt style looks better on me than shorts and I’m glad I didn’t swear this pattern off! I also am interested in trying more patterns drafted for woven fabrics… Something that has always intimidated me. I paired mine with my first Marbella Tank by New Horizon Designs and I definitely need many more of these! I love how the arm and neck holes are finished by hemming instead of bands or binding. I had an hour until a meeting, and print, cut, and sewed the whole tank in time. πŸ™‚

ezy watermark_17-09-2019_03-01-13pm

What do you think of this pattern? Have you tried any of the paperbag styles? You are in luck… the pattern is part of Ellie and Mac‘s Wacky Wednesday sale and is only $1 today! You’re also in luck, because the rest of the site is buy one get one free… a steal!

The Paperbag Skirt is here.
The Marbella Tank is here.

As always, let me know if you have any questions or comments! Thanks for stopping by. πŸ™‚


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