Sewing for the End of Summer

You may have noticed that I’ve been sewing a few sweaters, looking forward to the temperature dropping twenty degrees or so. Living in Arizona means we’re still hitting 100 degrees (or close to) everyday. So, those sweaters I’ve made? They’re sitting in my closet waiting also.

Boho Fabrics has another great fabric stocking today! I scooped up this jersey fabric to make a couple of items to last me the next month or two of warm weather. The background is a heathered hunter green and such a beautiful fabric!

ezy watermark_09-09-2019_10-02-34am

The first pattern I wanted to sew up was the Pumpkin Spice Dolman from Patterns for Pirates. I really like the curved hems on the tunic length. I lengthen a little bit for my height in this pattern. The top works great with both jeans and leggings, which means I’ll get more wear out of it!

ezy watermark_09-09-2019_10-01-02am

I tried a new way of sewing the curved hem and it worked really well. I used to try to take my coverstitch around those corners and they never hung well. Instead, I sewed the front side to side, releasing my machine before doing the back side to side. The angles this way worked so much better! I’ll definitely be hemming this way in the future for any curved hems.

ezy watermark_09-09-2019_10-00-05am

Next, I wanted to sew up a tank that would be great on its own, but also later on go well with a sweater or cardigan when the temps finally drop. Insert the Staple Tank by Greenstyle Creations!

ezy watermark_09-09-2019_10-04-09am

The fabric has very minimal vertical stretch, so I should have added a little bit to the length, including above the armscyes, but the top still works well. Now I’ll know for next time I attempt this pattern with similar fabric.

ezy watermark_09-09-2019_10-04-40am

Be sure to head over to Boho Fabrics to check out the new listings! For those of you closer to fall weather, there are some GORGEOUS sweater knits stocking!

Links to items used:
Pumpkin Spice Dolman by Patterns for Pirates
Staple Tank by Greenstyle Creations
Boho Fabrics (click for 10% off your first Boho purchase!)
I’ll update with the fabric when the stocking goes live!

As always, let me know if you have any questions or comments! Thanks for stopping by. 🙂


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