Waffle Knit and Sewing for the Zoo

I’ve been trying to expand the variety of fabrics I sew up for two reasons. First, so everything in my closet doesn’t look the same, and second, to learn more about different fabrics and content of fabrics. So, I decided to sew up some Waffle Knit and European Knit from Bow Button Fabrics!

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I had recently finished up testing the Greenstyle Creations Elevate, and was itching to sew up the tie back version. I had planned on a cardigan, but when the Mini White Blue Floral Waffle Sweater Knit arrived I quickly changed plans (like usual).

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I omitted the top strap and made sure to lengthen the top to accommodate my height. I knew with the tied version, that the fabric can be tied tighter which eliminates the need for the top strap. I also wanted to be able to tie the Overlay in the front or leave it open in the front to double as a cardigan! See, I was kind of going back to my original plan. πŸ™‚

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I love the feel of this fabric. So soft and lightweight… perfect for when our evenings start to cool down. Blue is one of my favorite colors to wear, and I like how these white flowers add a cute detail to the fabric without being overpowering!

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Next, I sewed up some of the Euro knit. I had been eyeing these Zoo Animals closely since they were stocked, and thought the little would love them! I ordered a fat half (instead of cut 18″ wide, it’s a full yard card in half horizontally, so the width is the full 36″).

I knew I wanted a pattern to color block, to make this fat half last for two shirts. I ended on the Discoverer Tee from Ellie and Mac. I like the built in color blocking, because sometimes I want pattern pieces already laid out for me without having to slice and add seam allowance. I used some solid Cotton Lycra that I had on hand.

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We had plans to go to the zoo, and I thought the Little would love wearing his animal shirt to see the animals… Let me tell you how the conversation with my three year old went down.

Me: Hey bud, I’m making a new shirt for you! *shows him the shirt*
Little: OH! Animals!! *super excited*
Me: Do you like it?
Little: No. (long pause) Uncle Don likes it! You need to make a big one for Uncle Don.

Uncle Don is my older brother and lives states away….

So, this beautiful shirt has been left unworn so far (to be fair, it hasn’t even been a week, yet). Thankfully it’s a little roomy. He’s finally started grabbing a shirt I made him nearly a year ago that he never really liked but now it’s his “favorite”. As of this morning, this Zoo Animal shirt is now his favorite, but he just doesn’t want to wear it today!

Bow Buttons has some other super cute Euros stocking soon! Some really great gender neutral prints, too. Being able to buy a fat half and have them in hand less than a week later (let’s be real, it’s usually half a week) is SO nice. I’ll definitely be ordering more.

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Links to supplies:
Bow Button Fabrics
Mini White Blue Floral Waffle Sweater Knit
Zoo Animal Euro Knit
Greenstyle Creations Elevate
Ellie & Mac Discoverer Tee

As always, let me know if you have any questions or comments! Thanks for stopping by. πŸ™‚


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