Another Matchy Matchy Set

Another BRAugust post for you all! I MIGHT just get all four posts out this month! Today, I’m sharing a set I made with Athletic Brushed Polyester from The Styled Magnolia. TSM has been blowing up the Facebook sewing world lately with their amazing custom printed athletic prints. They have many other bases to offer, but the athletics are, at least in my opinion, what have really pulled in a lot of attention.

ezy watermark_29-08-2019_05-36-49pm

Last Spring, Meagan the owner was selling some of her strike fabrics (which are the tests before the final order is placed to check color, etc.). I picked up a yard of these pink and white stripes. I was looking forward to trying her ABP fabric, as at the time I had never tried it (from anywhere).

ezy watermark_29-08-2019_05-35-05pm

I was so excited to get the fabric! I decided to make some Super G Tights (of course). Because of the stripes, I opted for only one pocket, to keep the other leg solid. The solid legs are built directly into the pattern, so no hacking necessary! The tricky part when doing this, is making sure the leg with the pocket has all the correct pieces for the opposite leg of the one cut solid. Ask me how I know…
I was going to use a solid white for the gusset, but decided to stick with the stripes. I made a size small, with the high rise options.

ezy watermark_29-08-2019_05-37-28pm

With my scraps, I (of course) made another Power Sports Bra. I opted to make this one a more comfy bra, and lined with a solid white cotton lycra I had on hand from Flying Pig Fabrics. I chose the solid front hack and the simple back hack that I love because of the speed of putting the pattern together.

I’m very happy with this set! The ABP is so soft and comfy! I wore this outfit with a tank to a jump/trampoline place for my kiddo’s birthday and it was SO comfortable. The place of course had a ton of trampolines, but also had balance beams and obstacles that you’d find on American Ninja Warrior. I was SWEATY by the time we left. But, I was so comfortable and dried quickly. I haven’t worn these on a run yet since it’s still so hot (90s-100s), but will when the temps get into the 70s and 80s. I’m definitely looking forward to it.

ezy watermark_29-08-2019_05-35-39pm

I’m really surprised I bought these stripes in the first place, though. If you haven’t noticed, I don’t wear pink very often. When I was in high school our school dance team was the Pink Panthers (school was the Panthers) and our competition dance team wore a lot of pink and I overdid it on the pink. It’s been thirteen years and I’m still recovering, so pink doesn’t make it’s way into my closet very often. I’m SO thankful I went out of my usual colors and grabbed this fabric!

ezy watermark_29-08-2019_05-34-33pm

Unfortunately, these stripes won’t be available any time soon (if at all). Meagan just informed me that these stripes ARE available! They are an option as “Pick A Print” on the TSM website! Meagan has so many amazing prints available in that option! And this is definitely one of my favorite bases out there. Have you tried any of the TSM fabrics? If so, let me know which ones you’d recommend in the comments!

Find The Styled Magnolia here.
Find the Super G Tights here.
Find the Power Sports Bra here.

As always, let me know if you have any questions or comments! Thanks for stopping by. 🙂


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