Greenstyle… Fabrics!

We all know that Greenstyle Creations is one of my favorite pattern companies for various reasons. Now, Angie, the owner and designer behind the company, has started selling athletic fabrics! I was so excited to grab a few yards on the release date, and I’m here to tell you all about the three that I’ve used. This is also doubling as my second BRAugust post!

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I was intrigued by the various fabrics available on the site. I’m trying to expand beyond solids, and the first fabric I added to my cart was the Rainbow Strata Power Flex. The next was a fun accent fabric, the Laser Cut Performance Tricot. Finally, I added some of the Mist Nylon Spandex to my cart.

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I was so excited when the package arrived just a few days later. I immediately cut out a pair of Super G Tights and a Power Sports Bra with the Power Flex. I currently have the size small Super G’s traced, but should probably size up to the medium, I just haven’t taken the time! This fabric is so soft, especially on the inside! I kept touching it over and over trying to figure out what to compare it to. It is smooth, but not slinky, and soft. As you can see, when stretched, the white does show through since it is printed on white. But, most printed fabrics are! Take this into consideration when choosing your pattern.

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I decided to use the Laser Cut Performance Tricot as an accent on the Super G Tights. I may hoard this and use little pieces here and there on different items… 🙂 The holes are large enough that skin definitely shows through. This fabric would be cool layered with a bright solid underneath! I might try that next. I really like the added detail this fabric adds to an item.

ezy watermark_26-08-2019_07-51-04pmI wanted to use this fabric as an accent on the PSB, too, but couldn’t settle on the correct placement. Instead, I just played with strap placement on the strappy back version.

ezy watermark_26-08-2019_07-48-24pm

The Mist was not quite what I was expecting, but I wasn’t really sure what to expect! It is really thin at only 80 gsm. The fabric is a little bit see through, but also moisture wicking. Out of one yard, I was able to cut 5 pairs of the No Show Thongs, size medium and 2 pairs of mid rise, cheeky No Show Briefs, size F. I was blown away that I was able to squeeze so many pairs out of a single yard! The fabric is thin, so there are no lines when worn underneath other clothes (like the leggings in this post), and I don’t even notice wearing anything. 🙂

I am excited that Greenstyle has taken this next big step! I cannot wait to try the other fabrics. I know Angie has spent months testing out fabrics- sewing them up, working out in them, washing them, etc. and only the best fabrics were added to the site. That is definitely dedication to finding the best fabrics for her customers. What are you waiting for, head over and grab some today!

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I took these out for a test run today, with a Mist NST. It was 82 degrees and I did about 20 minutes walking and ten running. My legs were a little warm, but all my sweaty parts (back of the waistband especially) were dry not too long after I stopped sweating. I also have been only wearing shorts, so I think my body needed a little adjusting. I would definitely wear these again at this temperature and feel comfortable! Also joining me this morning besides my pups were a couple of coyotes and a hawk. We live in the middle of the city. 🙂 (Don’t mind the blurry photo-my front camera on my phone is super dirty from the screen protector!)

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Find the Rainbow Strata Power Flex fabric here.
Find the black Laser Cut Performance Tricot here.
Find the Mist Nylon Spandex here.

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As always, let me know if you have any questions or comments! Thanks for stopping by. 🙂


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