BRAugust 2019

Tailor Made Blog is hosting this year’s BRAugust challenge on Instagram. The idea is to post a photo of a bra (or undies) that you made each day of the month. I had never heard of it until a fellow sewing friend, Alex, mentioned it. Alex dove into making a ton of bras and I finally got the motivation to sew up a few more Power Sports Bras by Greenstyle Creations. I won’t be sharing all four that I’ve sewn up so far this month today, but hopefully over the next few days (I’ll probably go into September).

This Sports Bra Pattern is my go to. I think as of today I’ve made 14. Two of them are technically swim tops, though (here and here). But, I’m happy to say that I’ve officially replaced all of my RTW (ready to wear AKA store bought) sports bras! I’ve made some that are more suitable for working out and others more suitable for lounging. That all depends on the fabric used.

One reason I love this pattern is because of all the options built into the pattern. There are SO many. Because I’ve made the pattern so many times, it’s easy to modify the straps or other aspects of the pattern to get different looks.

Today, I’m going to share this bra that I made out of swim fabric from Boho Fabrics. The fabric was leftover from a swimsuit I made in May of 2018 and unfortunately is no longer available. I’ve been using some of this fabric for a pattern currently in testing (here), so it was close and handy!

I chose to make this into a lounge bra, using a solid black cotton lycra for the inner pieces. The black fabric is from Flying Pig Fabrics. I can definitely wear this for a quick workout, though.

For this bra, I chose to use the 2″ elastic cut line for the band, without the elastic. I also had to cut the band in two pieces, as I didn’t have enough fabric for one long piece. You can’t tell, though, as I put the seams on the side so they match with the side seams of the bra.

I also opted to use one of the back hacks that I wrote about here with the solid front hack. Using these options makes sewing up one of these bras SO fast. Always a plus for me!

I have them paired with Moxi Compression Shorts with the waistband from the Super G Tights. The only modification I did was to add height to the pocket. The fabric I used was a 14oz nylon spandex blend that is also from Boho Fabrics. This light mint color is currently on sale and is nice and soft. I’m glad I have a little more to use up!

I also used the same fabric to make a No Show Thong. I had made one a few months ago, but the fit wasn’t great due to the fabric I had chosen, and never made another. I decided to dig out the pattern and try again. SO glad I did. I’ve now made 7 that are currently taking over my top drawer. I actually have the No Show Briefs on under these shorts, though!

Have you participated in BRAugust yet this year? Have you participated in the past? This was my first time, and I’m so glad I got the motivation to sew up a few more bras and several pairs of undies. Stay tuned for a few more posts!

Here’s a sneak for what’s coming next:

Find Boho Fabrics here (referral code for a discount on your first purchase).
Find the Power Sports Bra here.
Find the No Show Thong here.

As always, let me know if you have any questions or comments! Thanks for stopping by!


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