Crop Tops with Lille

I’ve seen so many cute crop tops everywhere lately and wanted to jump on board! I did not have a pattern for one, so looked toward my pattern library to see what could work. I wanted something a bit sporty, so I first looked at patterns with a racerback. I had purchased the Lille Tank and Dress pattern by Greenstyle Creations during the Memorial Day sale, but had not yet had the chance to sew it up. I took a good look at the pattern and decided this is the one that would work!


For the first crop I made, I cut an inch below the tall cutline for the woven skirt option. I am usually pretty generous with the length when I cut out a top for the first time, as I usually prefer my tops longer than patterns are drafted for. I am 5’8” and this pattern is drafted for a height of 5’7”, so I don’t really need to alter the pattern much.


I settled on this Fuschia and Charcoal Space Dye Poly Lycra Jersey Knit from The Fabric Fairy that I had gotten in my most recent order. I had never ordered this fabric before, but am really trying to branch out and try new fabrics so I know what they feel like. This just gave me an idea to keep scraps of fabrics in a notebook with the type and where I bought it… Anyway, the fabric is a medium weight, that work work great for leggings, too! Definitely better for top patterns that work well with structured, less flow fabrics.


I cut out an XS width by S height (and neckline and straps). I also decided to use bindings, as they are currently my favorite method. The top sewed up incredibly fast. I ended up cutting off about 2″ from the bottom to get the desired length of the crop. The other adjustment I needed was to take in the side seams. I ended up taking nearly an inch seam allowance off the bottom to get a tighter fit, but the bottom is still a bit loose. I finished the bottom with a hem.


I think the Lille works great as a crop top! This will be a great top for yoga class when I get back into classes. 🙂 This version is paired with my black Super G Tights.


Then, I decided to make another! You can see where I talked about this set on this post, but I saved the Lille crop details for this post. This is a gorgeous AOS fabric from Bow Button Fabrics.


I cut the length on the tall cut line for the woven skirt. I knew again this may be a tad long, and I was right. For the look I was going for to be paired with the skirt, I wanted it a bit shorter. I cut off another 1.5 inches to the length.

I decided to use a lining for this crop to eliminate the need for bands/bindings. By having a lining fabric, you can do the burrito method to achieve this look. Here is the video that I watched, because it had been a couple of years since I had done this technique.


The other modification I made was to make the back racerback a little less dramatic. I cut the racerback a little wider than the pattern, and made sure to do the same on the lining. Unfortunately, I didn’t have quite enough of the lining fabric to get the full back piece, so I cut it in half as two mirror images and sewed them together (as seen in the photo below). No seam can be seen from the outside, and I got some great use out of some smaller pieces!


The lining fabric that I used was Tricot from Phee Fabrics. They don’t have this color in stock, but their other colors are just as pretty! The fabric is perfect for athletic tops and swimwear.

Last, I ended up taking quite a bit off the side seam again. I even made sure to cut from the slimmer tank cut line on the pattern. The fit was perfect right under the armscye to about two inches below that, but from there I needed quite a bit of slimming. Again, I finished with a simple hem with my coverstitch machine.


I like the look of no bands/bindings of this one. For some reason, I feel as though it looks less sporty, and I think would be an awesome swim top!

I know there are some great crop patterns out there (and coming!), but sometimes I need to use patterns I already have! Especially when it is as simple as shortening the hem and taking in the side a bit. 🙂


What do you think of this crop? Which version is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below!

The fuchsia and charcoal fabric can be found here.
Phee’s Tricot can be found here.
The AOS floral can be found here.

As always, let me know if you have any questions or comments! Thanks for stopping by!


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