Bachelorette gifts… Not what you’re thinking.

If I haven’t announced yet, my brother is getting married! I am so excited for him and my future sister in law and can’t wait for her to join the family. 🙂

K’s Bachelorette was this weekend, but unfortunately I was unable to attend. I was super bummed (still am), but wanted to send along a little gift for her to open. I knew from the group chat that most were going the sexy route for gifts, so I thought I’d switch it up and go the practical route. Plus, I had about an hour to pull something together. Did I mention I just spent about 6 weeks away from my machines? The time between when I got home and needed to get the gift in the mail was less than a day!


I decided on two things for the gift- one to buy and one to make. I decided to make her some comfy shorts that she could get a lot of use out of. I went with my trusted shorts pattern, the Greenstyle Creations Brassie Joggers in shorts length.

I wanted to use a comfy fabric and also something that was cute. I think I stared at my fabrics for a loooong time. I finally decided to use some of my Nala French Terry fabric from Sincerely Rylee Fabrics. The fabric is a cute floral print that is pretty darn soft!

I chose to do the low rise version, and shortened the hem by about an inch. K is a few inches shorter than me, and I’m hoping this version will be comfortable for her! I also opted to use 2″ elastic in the waistband from The Fabric Fairy and no drawstring. I debated on this for awhile, but knew the fabric didn’t have the best recovery, so went this route.


I decided to try something new to me and constructed the waistband prior to attaching to the shorts. I added the elastic and used my coverstitch to make a chainstitch through the middle of the elastic all the way around. After the waistband was fully constructed, I attached it to the shorts.


I think they turned out pretty cute! And now the elastic won’t turn and twist after washing.


To pair with the shorts, and sticking with the practical theme, I went to Lush and bought a lotion/massage bar. I used to love these, but hadn’t bought anything from there in years. I chose a scent that I thought they both would like. I also bought the little metal tin for the bar to go in. Let’s hope the bar made it through the mail in this hot July!

Finally, as I was finishing everything up and about to head out the door, I decided to make a little bag to put everything in. I used Phee Fabric‘s wide stretch mesh to make the bag. I eyeballed the size, keeping in mind seam allowance and cut!


First, I sewed up one side of the bag. To keep the edges together, I used clear elastic, making sure to NOT stretch as I sewed. I would have liked to use twill tape or something prettier, but it’s all I had on hand! Plus, you can’t really see it unless you are looking closely.


I then used a zig zag stitch to stitch clear elastic about 1.5″ below where the top of the bag would be. This was to stabilize the casing for the drawstring.

Next, I stitched up the last side, again using clear elastic. I ended up serging the sides instead of the zig zag for stability.


I then used a zig zag stitch to sew down the casing and enclose the serged edges. Because the fabric is mesh, I didn’t bother with leaving an opening for the drawstring!


For the drawstring, I used some picot elastic I had on hand. I believe it came wrapped around some fabric I had ordered from The Fabric Fairy!


The bag will be able to be used in multiple ways. It could be a lingerie bag for traveling, a produce bag, a bag to hold plastic bags, or used as a gift bag, among others!


I thought the gift turned out pretty good! K says the shorts are comfy. 🙂 I like being able to make gifts that are useful, and I think this one is. Everything fit great in the little bag. I tucked a card in there, too.


I hope you found these tips and gift ideas useful! Let me know below in the comments if you have any out of the box ideas for bachelorette gifts. 🙂


Find the Brassie Joggers here.
Find Sincerely Rylee Fabrics here.
Find the white wide stretch mesh from Phee Fabrics here.
Lush cosmetics can be found here.
Find the 2″ elastic from The Fabric Fairy here.

As always, let me know if you have any questions or comments! Thanks for stopping by!


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