SUAT – Kids Boxerwear

After a couple of months of the Little wearing his mama made trainers, he was ready to move on from cloth trainers. I pulled out the Stitch Upon A Time Kids Boxerwear pattern to make him some undies.


I had bought the pattern last summer when I made some boxer briefs for a friend’s kiddo. She had said they worked really well and that he loved them… so that’s the pattern I made for my little! 

I first made one 3T, the size he measured into, and one 4T. I had read that some people felt the pattern ran a tad small, so I made one of each before diving into making more. The smaller size fit fine, but I knew he’d probably outgrow them by the end of the month. So, the next batch I made the 4T size and they work great!


I chose to make the shorter length with the hemmed leg. These fit great under other clothes and I find bands on the legs are sometimes bulky. I also chose the fly option without an opening, but hidden seams. This adds a bit of comfort and without the fly opening they go a bit faster!

The front piece of this pattern is great for using up scraps! Especially the inside one that doesn’t necessarily have to match the outside. I also like to cut the waistbands in all one color (black) to make batch cutting much faster!


Almost all the fabrics I used were Cotton Lycra. Good quality Cotton Lycra is so soft and comfortable, with the perfect amount of structure and recovery to not have a saggy butt at the end of the day!

I love mixing and matching prints with solids on the legs. This helps to make sure most pairs have a fun print on them, but keeps costs down by having half of them in solids, which are about half the price!

I also had the opportunity to make my friend’s son another dozen this year, as he had outgrown the ones I had made him last summer. Making these in batches makes them quite a bit quicker!


I use my sewing machine to create the dart in the front piece, construct with my serger, and hem with my coverstitch. To speed things up, I used all black thread, even on the leg hems. Switching threads would have been great to blend in better with the fabrics, but would have added a lot of time!

The Little has been wearing his Kids Boxerwear all summer and loves them! Most of the time he’s not wearing shorts, and these provide great coverage, even with the shorter leg length. He loves them so much, I even made him swimmers with the pattern! You can find that post here.

What do you think of this pattern? I thought the instructions were straightforward and easy to understand, even the portion on the hidden seams on the front pieces!

Find the pattern here.

As always, let me know if you have any questions or comments! Thanks for stopping by!


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