Summer Tanks For My Mom

A couple of weeks or so before I was leaving for the summer, my mom called and asked if I could make her a couple of tanks for the summer. She was looking for some tanks to wear outside while gardening that had a lower back so she would not have a racerback tan line all summer. She also asked for a fabric that would last to multiple washings.

I had her check out this post that I wrote on the Greenstyle Staple Tank. She looked at the pattern and said that was the style she was thinking. Easy for me, as that pattern is one of my favorites and I’ve made myself multiple, so knew they would sew up quickly!


I had her send me her measurements to get the perfect fit. Lucky for me, she has almost the same exact measurements for me, so I did not have to print another version of the pattern. She is a bit shorter than me, so that was the only modification I needed to make. I took about 1/2″ of length from the waist, and another 1/2″ from the hem. She said the fit is great!

For the fabric, I wasn’t sure what to go with. I needed to use something that I had on hand, though, because with the short notice and all the other sews I was trying to do before leaving, I did not have time to wait for mail. Thankfully, I have a nice fabric stash to choose from. Nebraska summers are pretty hot and humid, so the fabric choices needed to breathe.

For the first tank (right side of photo), I went with the turquoise lightweight (9.3 oz) circular knit from Phee Fabrics. This is one of my favorite fabrics for workout tops as you can see here. I opted to use bands for this first tank. Here is my mom’s review:

“Wore this tank on an 80 degree sunny day for a 23 mile bike ride. The fabric felt cool on my skin which was amazing. It has a silky feeling but will show “rolls” if fit snugly. Will order again.”


For the second tank (left side of photo), I decided to cut into one of my one yard cuts of Phee‘s Rayon Spandex that I keep on hand. I went with the Royal Blue color. I knew this fabric would be a bit thicker, but could have multiple uses outside the garden if she wanted to wear it as a layering piece come fall. I used bindings on this tank. Here are her words:

“Very soft, pajama-like feel to the fabric. It has lots of stretch while keeping its shape. Not clingy when not fit snugly. Would order again.”

Don’t you love that she would order them again? 🙂 She said both fabrics washed up great. She let them both air dry, as I normally do, too, although on occasion I have thrown both fabrics into the dryer and they’ve been fine!

I love being able to sew for my mom. She was the one that taught me to sew many years ago and bought me my first sewing machine when I was in undergrad. 🙂 She knows the hard work and time that go into handmade items, so I feel like the items are really appreciated more!

Find the Staple Tank here.
Find Phee’s Rayon Spandex here.
Find Phee’s Circular Knit here (and remember I used the 9.3oz weight)

As always, let me know if you have any questions or comments! Thanks for stopping by!


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