Max & Meena – Banana Booties

Did you know my very first blog post was about these Banana Booties by Max & Meena? I haven’t made them for about two years, but when I had a request for a pair, I jumped at the opportunity. Making these booties brought back memories of making them for my son when he was just a babe. His chunky little fit that didn’t fit into anything but socks… that of course never stayed on. I would sew with him strapped to my chest, the only way he’d nap. I could go on and on with the memories…


But let’s get to the pattern! There are so many cute bootie patterns out there, but this is my go to. I love the style of them and the fun ways that patterned or solid fabric can be put together to make such unique booties. It’s also a great pattern for gender neutral booties!


When going to new baby or baby shower gifts, I go for the 2.5 size. That’s what I chose for these two pairs. Since both pairs were heading to the Midwest, I opted to use a lighter weight fabric with summer coming. I chose Cotton Lycra for both the inner and outer layers. Although this pattern can be make with woven, I prefer the look of knit! All fabric is custom Cotton Lycra. With summer coming, I didn’t want the booties too warm!


The first pair we decided on these black and white stripes for the outer fabric. These stripes are a custom print from Flying Pig Fabrics and are slightly wavy. I love this fabric and have been sewing it little by little over the past almost two years! I chose FPF solid black for the bottoms and inside. I think it gives the booties a clean look. I went with a solid black snap for these.


The second pair I used this custom print from Blended Thread Fabrics. I have made my son and myself clothing out of this fabric-it’s one of my favorites (posts here and here)! I paired it with this beautiful solid COLOR from Flying Pig Fabrics. I love the contrast on this pair! Sabra at FPF is my go to for all solid Cotton Lycra-the quality is amazing and there’s no way I want to chance buying a lesser quality anywhere else.


I use plastic KAM snaps on my booties. One, because I don’t have a metal snap tool, and two, because I like all the fun colors that are available (even though I usually go with black). When I use knit fabric (which I prefer to make the booties extra soft), I need to reinforce the snaps. To reinforce the knit fabric, I cut a full out piece in cotton woven fabric and sandwich that in the middle of the inner and outer pieces. I haven’t had a problem with a snap coming through with this method. I make sure to check the booties before each use, though, to double check! I also snap and unsnap each one about 25 times to loosen them up before use. As with anything a baby uses, you should always check for loose pieces before each use.


The other modification I do is to enclose the inner sole seam. This makes for a cleaner finish and more comfortable booty on baby feet! The instructions to do this are in Max and Meena’s Facebook group albums.


I love how both of these turned out! Unfortunately, they always take longer than I think. 🙂 What do you think of these booties? I love how they actually stay on baby feet!… Unlike socks.


You can find the pattern here.
Blended Thread Fabrics is here.
Flying Pig Fabrics is here.

As always, let me know if you have any questions or comments! Thanks for stopping by!


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