French Terry at the Beach

I love French Terry. I like how soft the loops are on the inside and the way the two contrasting sides look when played up in a pattern. I have always considered French Terry a winter fabric, though, since it is thicker and warmer. When I had the opportunity to sew up this new Dusty Sage Tie Dye French Terry fabric that is stocking at Boho Fabrics on June 14th, I wanted to figure out something that I could enjoy all summer long. You know how last post I wrote about this romper? Well, I was kind of loving that look, so did a quick Pinterest search and decided on a faux romper for this new fabric! I was inspired by Sharon’s post on her blog Sweet Mama and asked her and some others in the Greenstyle group for top suggestions.


I decided on the Brassie Jogger shorts (here) in the mid rise and the Muscle Up Tank (here and here). The Brassie’s are my favorite jogger pattern and they were recently updated and I was eager to try them out. I measure into the bottom end of the Medium and that’s what I sewed up. I wanted them to have a looser look and this size was perfect. I ended up cutting them about an inch shorter than the shorts cut line, and cut the hemline a tad wider so the leg openings were not snug against my thighs. I also cut the pocket about 3/4″ shorter so the bottom of the pocket didn’t run into my hemline. I can still fit my iPhone in the pockets without any issues.


The other change I made was to the waistband. I cut the band at 100% of the opening at the waist (so longer than the pattern called for) and 5.5″ wide. I knew I wanted to use some 2″ elastic in the waistband and this waistband size helped give me the look I wanted.  I went with 2″ elastic because (as I always say) I’m not a huge fan of tight elastic digging into my waistband or rib cage. 2″ elastic helps eliminate that! I picked up mine from The Fabric Fairy and it is excellent.


I still added grommets and a drawstring for looks. I made sure the grommets were just above the halfway point, as I wanted to topstitch all the way around the middle of my elastic. I used one needle on my coverstitch machine, stretching slightly as I sewed and it worked well! Now my elastic stays in place and the waistband has a small added detail.


I went back and forth on the tank portion trying to decide on a pattern. This tie dye fabric does not have much (if any) vertical stretch, so I knew the pattern had to be loose fitting in the neckline and arms. I settled on the Muscle Up Tank. This is the third one I’ve sewn up for myself since testing-I can’t get enough! I love the loose fit, the length, all of it. 🙂 Plus, this pattern was right on top so easy to grab when I had limited time to sew. I made an XS graded to S in the hips, and left the full length. I’m 5’8″, but like my tops long (the pattern is unisex and drafted for a height of 5’10”)!


I love the look of these two together. They create the perfect faux romper look that I was going for in this cozy French Terry. When I put them on this morning to head to the beach for photos, my partner even commented that he liked my new romper! Together they are the perfect pair to wear walking along the beach. 🙂


Of course, though, these two pieces will easily be worn separately as well! The shorts are so comfy and will probably be worn as lounge/pajama shorts all year round! They look great with my new suit that I sewed up with this swim fabric from Boho Fabrics that I wrote about here.


I also was able to squeeze out a tank for the little-more on that one soon! 🙂 The green color on this tie dye look is beautiful! I love when I can share my scraps with the little.


How do you think these two pieces look together? Are you into the romper look this summer or are you more of a separates person? Be sure to let me know in the comments!

Boho Fabrics can be found here (referral code for you!).
The fabric can be found here (I’ll update when the fabric goes live on June 14th!).
The Brassie’s can be found here.
The Muscle Up Tank can be found here.
The elastic can be found here.


As always, let me know if you have any questions or comments! Thanks for stopping by!


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