Little Black… Romper

I did it! I finally made a romper. I’m probably late to the game, as rompers have been popular for some time now, but I finally decided to jump in. I have been eyeing the South Shore Romper pattern since it was released and was excited to try it out just in time for Ellie and Mac‘s Wacky Wednesday sale when a few patterns are on sale for only $1!


I was looking at my closet where my fabrics are stored trying to think of which fabric I wanted to use. I have seen SO many rompers lately in such gorgeous florals, but unfortunately I did not have any two yard cuts on hand to achieve that look. I also didn’t want to mix and match a solid with a patterned fabric, so I decided to go for a solid black fabric (which unfortunately is so hard to photograph). I keep multiple colors of Phee Fabric‘s Rayon Spandex on hand in multiple cuts of 1-3 yards so I always have fabric on hand for a last minute project! I had plenty of black Rayon Spandex left over from this dress, plus another 2 yard cut that I just barely cut into to finish this romper.


Because summer has begun, I wanted to make the pattern functional for two occasions: dinners out and a swim coverup for the beach. I decided to go with the tank option and shorts length. Surprisingly, I did not see many of this version sewn up on the Ellie & Mac Facebook page or tester page.


I measured myself and got cutting. I went with an XS top and medium bottom. I probably  could have gone with a small all around, but am still happy with the fit. I added about an inch and a half to the pattern’s length… half inch on the top at the lengthen line, half inch on the bottom rise lengthen line, and half an inch to the hemline. The pattern has clear marks of where to add length, which made it incredibly easy. Even though I’m used to doing that by now, for anyone starting out sewing, having clear lines and instructions like this helps! I think the length is perfect for me!


The pattern came together quickly, which was nice! Make sure to follow the instructions closely when attaching the bodice to the bottoms-I have sewn other patterns together incorrectly at this step, so make sure to pay close attention! Thankfully the pattern instructions at this step were very clear.


Confession: I actually haven’t closed the hole in the sash yet… I forgot to topstitch before leaving town for a few weeks! I just make sure to put the hole toward my back and it hasn’t been a problem so far. I’ll add it to my mental list of things to sew when I’m back home. 🙂


I like the look of this romper. I’m still getting used to the in and out, but I like not having to worry about a skirt flipping up when playing on the ground with my two year old. It’s perfect to wear down to the beach where we are because I can wear it with a swimsuit, yet it still looks like a normal outfit. Perfect when the little decides NOW is the time he wants to get in the ocean. 🙂


What do you think of this pattern? Have you jumped on board and made a romper, yet? If so, which one? If not, what are you waiting for? This pattern is a great starting (and ending) point for your romper sews… especially while it is on sale for only $1!


Find the fabric here and other colors here.
Find the pattern here.
Find all the Wacky Wednesday patterns here.


As always, let me know if you have any questions or comments! Thanks for stopping by!


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