It’s swim season!

This summer, I have plans to spend lots of time at the beach, pool, and a lake… which means I need a new swimsuit, right? After some thinking, I decided to use the Greenstyle North Shore Swimsuit for the bottoms and the Power Sports Bra for the top.

I ordered some beautiful swim fabric that is stocking on June 7th at Boho Fabrics and it was better than I imagined. The fabric is very soft and the details and designs are beautiful. I prefer abstract and geometric prints if I’m steering away from my love of solids, and this print is definitely my style! Boho is having a swim sale this weekend, so hop over to their Facebook Page to find the sale code!


Let’s start with the top. I knew I wanted to use the solid front power bra hack that I had previously done for the front (here and here), but wanted something a bit different in the back. I began searching Pinterest (and my closet) for inspiration and finally landed on an idea! The front I only slightly modified from previous solid front PSBs that I had done-I lowered the neck line to the lower cut line.


I originally thought about doing a halter top, but I really don’t like tops tied behind my neck that much. So, I looked to a RTW (ready to wear=store bought) suit I had in my closet and decided to mimic it. I wanted one strap on each side and for them to cross through loops to the swim top and then tie in the back.

I started with the strappy cross back pieces of the PSB. I cut them about an inch shorter from the fold line, so there was no middle, and mirrored that.


I also wanted to eliminate the band around the bottom. I’ve mentioned before that I’m not a fan of elastic around my rib cage, and decided to use 3/8″ elastic sewn and folded under on the top. To do this, I added about an inch to the front and side back pieces on the bottom.


I attached the side back pieces as normal. I also sewed up the front and top edge per the pattern instructions, making sure to cut off extra fabric where the straps were inserted in the front since I only had one strap on each side. I used 1/4″ rubber elastic from Boho Fabrics in the straps and it worked beautifully.


For the back pieces, I serged the edges right sides together and left out any elastic.


The next step I did was to close up the bottom. I measured my 3/8″ elastic about one inch shorter than the entire length of the bottom.


I stretched the elastic to fit and clipped into place, making sure to pin the elastic to the right side of the liner. I attached the 3/8″ rubber elastic with my serger.


I then folded the elastic under and top stitched. This is the same technique as sewing the elastic and closing the seams on the legs of the north shore suit.


The final step was to make the loops for the straps.


I folded each back side piece back toward the wrong side of the fabric about an inch. I then stitched this with my sewing machine, making sure to go over it multiple times for strength. Then, I looped the straps through, and that’s it!


For the bottoms, I wanted them extra high. Sometimes we are at family events or places where I know I’ll be chasing the little around, and prefer the extra… support? Coverage? I’m not sure, just something a bit more! So, I took the high rise bottoms and added four inches. Yes, four. I also needed to make sure to curve the sides in to accommodate my body shape and the decreased width needed near my waist. The leg cut is pretty low, so I didn’t need to worry about adjusting the fit so my rear doesn’t fall out while running around.


I didn’t take quite enough off the sides at first, but once I sewed the sides and crotch together, I tried on the outer piece and adjusted how much to take off. I took off nearly a one inch seam allowance on each side at the top!


The pattern was the constructed as usual up until the waistband. Again, I wanted to avoid the thick elastic at my waist, so opted for the 3/8″ elastic folded under again and top stitched. The look is exactly what I was going for! Almost a one piece, but not quite. 🙂


And finally, I decided last minute to sew up another bottom. I love this fabric so much, and wanted to be able to mix and match the three pieces depending on the location and event.


I should have sized up to a medium which is what I measured into, but I had been wearing my small from last year and already had that pattern ready to go. 🤷🏼‍♀️ I made the scoop bottoms per the pattern. They are a tad snug, and definitely cheeky, but they’ll be great on the beach!


What do you think of my suit(s)? I absolutely love the top and will be making more like this! This beautiful fabric is so perfect for me, and I’m glad I had the opportunity to sew it up! Let me know in the comments below what you think!


Find Boho Fabrics here (click for a referral code!).
Find the fabric here.
Find the Power Sports Bra here.
Find the North Shore Swimsuit here.

As always, let me know if you have any questions or comments! Thanks for stopping by!


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