Another Helen – Faux Placket Hack

I absolutely love my Helen Dress from DIBY that I wrote about here. I was going to make the short sleeve option for my next version, but with my summer plans, I knew I would get more use out of another tank version. I wanted a solid color, but was trying to think of how to mix things up… so I opted for a faux front placket!

I LOVE The Fabric Fairy’s Bamboo Lycra Jersey. I’ve sewn up four different colors in about three months and can’t get enough. I saw this light denim blue color and knew it would be a beautiful dress. The faux placket added just enough detail to the solid color.

To make the faux placket, I cut a strip of fabric two inches wide by the length of the bodice. I pressed the fabric so the raw edges met in the middle. I did not sew the raw edges together at all, knowing that when I sewed the buttons that I’d catch both sides. I did topstitch (I used my coverstitch machine) down both sides to hold it in place prior to sewing on the buttons.

I made sure to sew the fabric of the faux placket prior to attaching the front and back bodice pieces, for ease through my machine. This way, the neck band and skirt could be attached as usual.

I did attach grommets knowing they’d be quicker than buttonholes, but then immediately upon finishing remembered I needed buttons! Then I was trying to figure out what type of buttons would look good with the grommets. Thankfully, a quick run to Joann with the little and we found these buttons that I think look great with the grommets! Great save in my opinion. Not the original look I was going for, but I like it!

I made the same size as I did last time, and cut the hem between the thigh and knee length. This time, I lengthened the top about an inch. I’m not sure I needed to, as this falls slightly below my waist. Ideal for a pattern like this is at the smallest part of your waist, so I will be sure to only try 1/2″ next time. I also made sure to topstitch the arm and neck bands so they all lay flat.

You can’t tell, but underneath I am wearing my first pair of moxie compression shorts (with the inspire waistband… it was the closest to me at the time). I wanted some shorts for the summer to wear during workouts and under dresses. Nothing worse than a dress blowing up in the wind or while chasing a preschooler around! I used the Dry-Plex Micropoly Lycra Jersey Fabric in Grass Green from The Fabric Fairy. A perfect fabric for these shorts, whether I’m sweating or just wearing them out and about. I’ll do another post on these soon. 🙂

What do you think about this hack? Think you’ll use this on your next version of the Helen Dress by DIBY? I love it, and think it adds such a cute detail to this solid Bamboo Lycra. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

Find the Helen Dress here (and my first post on it here).
Find the Fabric Fairy here.
Find this bamboo lycra fabric here.
Find the moxie compression shorts add-on here.
Find the shorts fabric here.

As always, let me know if you have any questions or comments! Thanks for stopping by!


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