Swim “undies” for the Little

I have lots of scraps of fabric that I am trying to sew through. It’s tough, especially with all the athletic fabric I’ve been sewing up lately! So, instead of making myself ten more Power Sports Bras (blogged here and here), I decided to share the fabric love with the little. Since he’s now fully out of diapers, I didn’t feel right putting him in swim diapers (we used Thirsties brand and love them!), so I decided to make him swim “undies”.

He has some swim shorts, one pair that his Timpa and Gaga bought him, and another pair that I made out of stretch woven from The Fabric Fairy, but I felt he needed something under them. So, I opted to use a boxer brief pattern out of swim material!

I decided to use the Stitch Upon A Time Kids Boxerwear Pattern. He measures into the 3T, but I opted for the 4T for more growing room. I did not alter the pattern at all. I chose the shorter cut line and hemmed the legs, no fly option, and hidden inner seams.

The first pair is this black and white stripe swim from The Fabric Fairy. I wrote about a rash guard I made last summer out of this same fabric here and my North Shore swimsuit is here. His rash guard still fits so he can go full Beetle Juice if he wants!

The second pair I made was with leftover Tricot from Phee Fabrics from an Xpress Tank I made my aunt that I wrote about here. Little wore these as stand alone shorts… briefs? during his preschool’s anniversary party last week at a park with a splash pad. He absolutely loves this color blue, too! The Tricot is incredibly vibrant, and the fabric is a bit thicker than some swim fabric so works great alone or under other shorts.

The little loves his new swim “undies”. Anyone have another name suggestion for these? Otherwise, I think swim undies will stick! These are a must this summer as we’ll be spending a few weeks near a beach… perfect for impromptu ocean play!

The pattern worked really well for swim. I just made a friend a dozen regular boxerwear for her almost three year old, and now I should probably make some for my little, as he’s growing out of (and doesn’t need) his trainers.

What do you think of this pattern? Do you have any extra swim or Tricot (or Circular Knit, that’s what I’m using next!) that use can use for your Little’s swimwear this summer?

UPDATE! The little has been wearing these swim undies as stand alone swimmers all summer. He LOVES them! The fit is great and everything stays covered. He refuses to wear shorts over them. 🙂

As always, let me know if you have any questions or comments! Thanks for stopping by!


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