GS – Taylor Shorts… with knit fabric!

Hello! I have been a bit slow on updating you all on Me Made May! So far, I have worn something I have made every single day in May. One day was just undergarments, but that still counts! I’ve been a little slow updating you all on instagram, and am hoping to pick that up soon! If you pledged to participate, how are you doing?

Now, onto my latest sew! I just finished up making the Greenstyle Taylor Shorts. These shorts are made for woven fabric, but I had some Ath-leisure denim fabric from Boho Fabrics that I really wanted to make that looked like real jean shorts. My partner even saw them partially sewn up and asked me if I was making jean shorts!


I had to figure out how the heck I was going to make the pattern with knit fabric. I almost sized down, but at the last minute decided not to. I should have! I measured into the size 6 (on the small end) and went with a 6. Because my hips were on the small end and I was using knit, I definitely should have sized down! Lesson learned. šŸ™‚


One thing I knew I needed to make sure to do was to add interfacing to both the inner and outer waistband-on all pieces. I made sure when cutting to cut out the extra interfacing. I used a knit interfacing, and it worked out fine.


I followed the instructions for the zipper installation to begin. I definitely had to read through the instructions a couple of times to make sure I was on the right track. This was my first time installing a zipper in a pair of pants like this, which added to me slowing down. Thankfully, I sewed everything correctly!

I chose to make the flat front option. After constructing the shorts, I ended up taking another half inch seam allowance off both sides. I did not mess with anything in the middle, and it worked out for me. I think if I would have sized down I wouldn’t have had this issue.


I sewed the waistband together as instructed. I should have used a slightly larger seam allowance in that, too. I had the whole thing constructed and knew I needed to do something so they wouldn’t slip down. Instead of taking the waistband apart (this was before the waistband was completely finished), I opted to add a bit of clear elastic in the top seam. I stretched slightly while serging it on, and it worked perfectly!


I opted to not have the waistband flap overlap, but end just above the zipper. Once the waistband was complete, I knew I had to tackle one of my biggest fears of sewing…. a buttonhole. Can you believe I’ve been sewing off and on my entire life and have NEVER attempted a buttonhole. I have one of the most basic machines on the market, but it does have the option for installing a buttonhole. Y’all…. it was so easy! I am slightly embarrassed I had put it off for so long. I just watched a YouTube video of someone doing one on my specific machine and then got it. I think watching the video to installing the buttonhole took about 20 minutes. Give it a go!


The last thing I needed to do was decide on a length and hem! I had originally cut the shorts to the 5″ inseam length, but after putting them on, decided they were too long. I ended up with a 1″ hem, and cut off about 1.5″. The length is perfect. I usually prefer to cut shorts an inch or two longer than I might ultimately want (if I have enough fabric). I hate when me made items are too short.


This pattern is definitely doable in knit fabric! Consider sizing down, but definitely stabilize the waistband with interfacing! Try on as you go, so you can make alterations, if needed. I have been wearing these for a few hours and although they’ve stretch out a tiny bit, they still fit and look great! The denim look is perfect for these shorts, yet SO much more comfortable than real jean shorts!


Have you made the Taylor Shorts, yet? I picked up a yard of a bright yellow linen fabric at Joann the other day from the remnant bin that I plan to make another pair with. I’ll report back to let you know how the sizing goes once I use the suggested woven fabric!


These Taylor Shorts are paired with a Staple Tank, written about here.

Find the fabric here and Boho Fabrics here (click for a 10% discount!).
Find the pattern here. Did I mention it is on sale for 15% off this month with no code needed? The website is being updated over the next few days, so let the Greenstyle team know if you are having any issues!

As always, let me know if you have any questions or comments! Thanks for stopping by!


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