DIBY – Helen Dress

I bought this pattern, the DIBY Helen Drawstring Dress, when it released and still had not sewn it up! I always told myself it was the perfect casual dress. Especially for Tucson where most days are casual! So, when I received this beautiful large waterfall rayon spandex fabric from Boho Fabrics in the mail on Saturday, I KNEW it had to be this pattern! The simplicity of the lines on the pattern really shows off these big, beautiful flowers! Plus, it’s a beautiful change from the solids I usually wear. This fabric will become available tomorrow, May 10th!

I chose the racerback option on the dress. The days have been warming up already, and I’ve already been wearing tanks daily! The arms and neckline are finished with bands. This fabric was the perfect weight and stretch for this pattern and the bands lay beautifully! I think for fall I’ll sew up a short sleeve version.

I chose the solid bodice, as I prefer that look on my body versus the crossover bodice. I went with a size 6 graded to an 8 at the bottom of the bodice. The bottom I cut at a straight 8. I added an inch to the bodice length, and I like where it falls on me. I am a bit taller than the pattern is drafted for!

I had a bit of trouble with the drawstring casing. I think that is mostly to do with my cheap sewing machine not cooperating over anything. I finally opted to seam rip my triple stitch and finish the seam with my coverstitch. That took longer than it did to sew the dress I think. Oof. My seam there is a bit crooked, but thankfully the thread blends into the navy well, so you can’t tell too much. Plus, I’m always my biggest critique!

I added grommets instead of button holes… can you believe I have NEVER sewn a button hole? I’m terrified. So, I ended up placing the drawstring in the casing before sewing it closed. This way is so much easier for me than trying to  thread it through once sewn together.

I had originally cut the dress to fall below my knees, but once putting it on, felt it needed to be shorter. I ended up taking about five inches off the bottom and hemming up one inch. I love how I still have enough length to chase a toddler around without worrying about my butt showing. 🙂

And of course, I added pockets! I love how the skirt has enough ease that the pocket bags don’t show. The size is great, too, as I can easily fit my phone (or toys, snacks, etc.) in them. I feel lost when I go out without a pocket, so dresses with pockets are always my go to!

What do you think of the pattern? Which version is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below!

Don’t forget to check out Boho Fabrics May 10th stocking where you will find this gorgeous rayon spandex among a few other new fabrics!

Find the pattern here.
Find Boho Fabrics here (referral link for you!).
Find the giant watercolor floral fabric here.

As always, let me know if you have any questions or comments! Thanks for stopping by!


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