GS Brassie Shorts-CL

This post is going way back to a few sews from last summer! It all started when my mom’s friend asked me to make her a pair of comfy shorts with pockets. I knew right away what fabric I would use, but wasn’t sure which pattern I wanted.

The search began! I started going through patterns I already had (always a great place to start 😂) and landed on the Greenstyle Brassie Joggers! I had made the jogger length before… but not the shorts. The style was exactly what I had in my mind so I got started.

I chose a solid black or Black Hole Black from Flying Pig Fabrics. Sabra’s Cotton Lycra is amazing, and I cannot buy solids anywhere else! Lucky for me she always has quite a few colors on hand.

Instead of using the waistband that the pattern calls for, I made a plain yoga style waistband. Because the CL has enough stretch and recovery, it works very well for waistbands!

The shorts turned out great! I kept the length that the pattern recommends. It is a modest length, and can be easily modified for the inseam you are going for.

Then I immediately made myself three pair. 😂 Unfortunately I don’t have photos for all of them, but they are worn weekly again now that the weather has warmed up.

All of mine I modified the waistband to have no elastic, but they all have a drawstring. Before knowing better, I used a rope for the drawstring and it does not work well. The black pair I made myself I used about an inch wide strip from the edge of my fabric and that is my preferred method for drawstrings!

This pair was made out of Cotton Lycra from Sincerely Rylee. The quality is not quite as high for this one as I prefer, but for a pair of shorts that I wear mostly as pajamas it is totally fine!

I also made a pair of piggy pink and white yard died stripes from Flying Pig Fabrics and they are great!

Next up, I’m hoping to use some leftover Supplex from some leggings I made. I saw Deborah from Sew Beach Life make a pair with supplex and love the look!

You can find the Brassie Joggers pattern here. Again, besides switching up the waistband, the shorts pieces were not altered at all! Flying Pig Fabrics is here and Sincerely Rylee is here!

As always, let me know if you have any questions or comments! Thanks for stopping by!


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